Inflight calls, Internet now on PAL flights


03:47 PM July 12th, 2013


MANILA, Philippines–Passengers of Philippine Airlines can now make phone calls and browse the internet while inflight with the installation of OnAir cutting-edge connectivity equipment on PAL’s long-range aircraft.

The novel service, called PAL iN AiR, is made possible with the installation of the first inflight connectivity hardware, called GSMConneX, on a PAL Boeing 777-300ER aircraft that flew from Manila to Vancouver last July 9, 2013, providing passengers with GSM and WiFi services during the flight.

The special connectivity equipment will progressively be fitted in all B777 and Airbus A330-343 aircraft of PAL, a statement from the airline company sent to media on Friday said.

PAL is the first commercial airline installed with the GSMConneX equipment supplied by TriaGnoSys, while OnAir is the supplier for the GSM and WiFi connection.

PAL President Ramon S. Ang said, “Allowing our passengers to call and surf the web while flying is another first only a legacy carrier like PAL can offer. This new service is part of our strategy to provide only the best to our customers.”

Dr Axel Jahn, Managing Director of TriaGnoSys, said, “PAL is the first GSMConneX commercial airline customer. We designed our hardware and software portfolio to be highly flexible, so we were able to move very quickly to meet the airline’s specific requirements, which in this case included the addition of WiFi capability.”

Aside from connectivity, the GSMConneX platform was designed to host a wide range of software application modules, including entertainment and non-flight-critical cockpit applications. The GSMConneX hardware is manufactured at TriaGnoSys’ headquarters in Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich, Germany.

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    KUNDI libre, MAGKANO?

    Next announcement: INTENSIVE In-service training on COURTESY to customers by stewards and stewardesses. CLEANING of aircraft before boarding and insuring that all TOILETS are clean, sink drains operable, toiletries well stacked, and seat front pockets tidied up and replenished with new materials. Make certain all gadgers work, esp sound system of monitors…and overhead lights.

  • Kronos2

    Internet or inflight calls are nothing. What PAL needs to do is IMPROVE ON ITS LOUSY AND DISCRIMINATORY CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! FAs give better attention to whites than fellow Filipinos. That’s why I prefer to fly Singapore, Cathay or Malaysian airlines that give 10X much better inflight service.

    • Pinsan_ni_Mang_Kanor

      Agree. Filipino FAs are somehow a snob to their fellows. That’s why I prefer Singapore Airlines even the hassle of connecting flights. Silk skinned FAs plus warm smile and cute voices. That is customer service :))

  • Marcial Abila

    in line with that they need to set up charging outlet in every seat

  • Ehemalige Schatzkanzler Iris

    I never believed that phone signal could throw a plane off course. Banning phones even on “airplane mode” is a stupid industry policy.

    • IntelligentFund

      So you are willing to take that risk? All for the sake of a GSM or WiFi connection on air? Be my guest…

  • delpillar

    since the beginning of flight, cellular phone and electronic devices do not interfere with communications and navigational equipment of the ariplane, specially in the Philippines.

    There is no high tech communications between the airport/runway and the airplane in the Philippines, except for the light bulbs on the runway.

    More than a decade ago na mas stricto pa ang PAL kaysa sa other foreign airlines when it comes to electronic gadgets inside the plane. More than 10 years ago ay we can use GSM/CDMA/iDen phones while on flight in north America.

    Actually may 3 akong cellphone na naiwan ko sa bag kong naka-ON dati from Manila to the province pero walang effecto at perfect pa rin ang landing ng eroplano.

    Ngayong pwede ng gumamit ng wifi at telephone sa PAL, ibig sabihin ay naglagay lang sila ng transmitter sa loob ng eroplano at 2.4GHz/5.0GHz and this frequency does not interfere with navigational equipments inside the plane.

    Pero ang Cebu Pacific ay mas moooroooon. kahit naka-airplane mode ang cellfone and smartphone, it will still interfere daw with the high tech equipments of the plane.

    • marienkind

      Actually the better explanation is that people need to be more attentive during the critical moments of the flight. People fiddling with their f*cking phones are less likely to react in a timely manner if ever something does go wrong. It’s the same logic why windows are asked to be opened during takeoff and landing.

      • Ehemalige Schatzkanzler Iris

        That’s true. It’s the first 3 minutes during take-off and last 8 minutes during landing that people need to be attentive.

  • ReneV

    good to know it is not made in china

  • nizon

    Is it free? Or how much per minute?

    • jiroarturo

      Baka $10 per hour.

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