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Twitch Titans: Meet the Top 10 Richest Twitch Streamers

05:04 PM May 16, 2023

More people are playing video games worldwide, enabling platforms like Twitch to gain more users. Eventually, it became a well-known app where people can share their video game passion globally. Even better, Twitch streamers have made names for themselves by amassing popularity and wealth.

Have you ever wondered how they made it to the top? Learning about their lives will help you learn what it takes to make it big on Twitch. More importantly, they can inspire you to follow in their footsteps and become prominent online streamers.

This article will discuss the 10 wealthiest Twitch streamers based on their net worth. That is the accumulation of the money they receive from viewers, the platform, their businesses, and their sponsors. Whether you’re an aspiring content creator or only curious about online gaming trends, stick around and read more.


The 10 Wealthiest Twitch Streamers

  1. Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie)
  2. Tyler Blevins (Ninja)
  3. Michael Grzesiek (Shroud)
  4. Felix Lengyel (xQc)
  5. Jaryd Russell Lazar (Summit1g)
  6. Nicholas Kolcheff (NICKMERCS)
  7. Rabia Yazbek (NightBlue3)
  8. Timothy John Bater (TimTheTatMan)
  9. Tom Cassell (Syndicate)
  10. Imane Anys (Pokimane)

1. Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie) – $40 million

This is PewDiePie.

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Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is one of the first content creators on YouTube. He was there before the “online influencer” role became a viable career.


In 2023, the Swedish gamer started posting videos of himself playing video games, such as the first-person shooter Call of Duty. Later, Kjellberg gained more viewers by playing the horror game Amnesia.

That was when he appeared on memes focusing on his hilarious jumpscare reactions. Nowadays, he has been focusing on his family life in Japan.


However, he made a Twitch channel that plays his previous content on a loop. As a result, this “Infinite Stream” allows him to earn income despite posting new content seldom.

PewDiePie also has a clothing brand named Tsuki. His online career and business ventures combined enabled him to build a $40 million net worth, making him the richest Twitch streamer

2. Tyler Blevins (Ninja) – $40 million

This is Ninja.

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Compared to Felix Kjellberg, Tyler Blevins started his online career in reverse. He started posting professional gaming content on Twitch before transitioning to YouTube.

In 2009, Blevins became well-known for playing the first-person shooter Halo 3. He played for various esports organizations like Renegates, Cloud9, and Team Liquid.

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Eventually, Blevins became the Twitch streamer Ninja, making a name for his skills in the battle royale first-person shooter Fortnite. In turn, he earned millions in revenue and sponsorships.

However, Ninja quit the platform in 2019 and continued streaming on YouTube. Nevertheless, Blevins is one of the richest Twitch streamers, with a $40 million net worth.

3. Michael Grzesiek (Shroud) – $22 million

This is Shroud.

Photo Credit:

Micheal Grzesiek, or Shroud, is the second richest Twitch streamer worldwide, with a net worth of $22 million. He started his online career as a professional esports athlete.

Grzesiek focused on the first-person multiplayer game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS:GO. He played for various esports teams like Manajuma and Cloud9.

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He helped the latter win first place in the 2016 ESL Pro League Season 4. However, he started his Twitch career in 2013, playing CS:GO, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), and Valorant.

He left Cloud9 in April 2018 and retired as a professional Counter-Strike player. Nowadays, he has millions of fans and net worth, making him one of the richest Twitch streamers.

4. Felix Lengyel (xQc) – $13.5 million

This is one of the richest Twitch streamers.

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Felix Lengyel is a retired eSports player who became one of the richest Twitch streamers. He started sharing content in 2014 at the age of 19. He gained 10 million followers and 518 million views in that year.

In 2019, he played for the Dallas Fuel team in the Overwatch League. Also, Team Canada featured him in the Overwatch World Cup. Unfortunately, the group released him mid-season due to repeated suspensions and other issues.

Afterward, xQc devoted his time and effort to streaming. In December 2019, he was the most-watched streamer, with 54 million hours of stream time and $13.5 million in net worth.

5. Jaryd Russell Lazar (Summit1g) – $11.5 million

This is one of the richest Twitch streamers.

Photo Credit:

Jaryd Russell Lazar is a professional US Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and retired CS:GO player. He played for pro esports teams like A51 and Mythic.

In 2012, he exited the pro gaming scene to share live playthroughs. He became popular for playing Grand Theft Auto V, Sea of Thieves, Valorant, Foxhole, iRacing, and DayZ.

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In 2018, the Summit1g channel became the most-followed on Twitch. He signed a multi-year deal with the platform two years later to provide content support.

Like PewDiePie and Ninja, he doubles as a YouTuber with a million subscribers. He is among the biggest streamers on Twitch, with a $11.5 million net worth.

6. Nicholas Kolcheff (NICKMERCS) – $9 million


Photo Credit:

Nicholas Kolcheff is an American Twitch streamer and YouTuber. He also co-founded the eSports and entertainment company, FaZe clan. He started his streaming career on Justin TV in 2010.

Later, Kolcheff created a YouTube channel, which gained more than four million subscribers at the time of writing. In 2011, NICKMERCS started featuring on Twitch, playing well-known titles like Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, and Apex Legends.

Kolcheff has more than six million Twitch followers and 171 million views. Also, he is one of the richest Twitch streamers, with a net worth of $9 million.

7. Rabia Yazbek (NightBlue3) – $7.6 million

This is one of the richest Twitch streamers.

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Like NICKMERCS, Rabia Yazbek is a YouTube and Twitch content creator. However, he became well-known for a different video game, League of Legends. In 2018, he played at the League of Legends All-Stars tournament, where he won the NA vs. EU show match.

Yazbek is one of the most consistent content creators, with over three million followers and 257 million views. He also has a YouTube channel named NightBlue3, which he created in April 2008.

It has roughly two million subscribers and 11 million views. Nowadays, Yazbek streams other well-known games like Fortnite, PUBG, and Ark Genesis. Also, he is one of the richest Twitch streamers, with $7.6 million in net worth.

8. Timothy John Bater (TimTheTatMan) – $7 million

This is one of the richest Twitch streamers.

Photo Credit:

Timothy John Bater was one of the first content creators on Twitch. He started his streaming career in 2012, quickly gaining a loyal audience. He showcased his Fortnite skills, but he collaborated with other emerging creators.

As a result, he eventually rose to the top of the platform’s hierarchy. Bater worked with several companies like NzxtBld, UltraGear, and Razer. He also had a limited promo deal with Mexican restaurant Chipotle, which featured a TimTheTatMan burrito.

Nowadays, he plays other games like Overwatch and Call of Duty. Also, Bater is one of the richest Twitch streamers, with a $7 million net worth.

9. Tom Cassell (Syndicate) – $6 million

This is Syndicate.

Photo Credit:

Tom Cassell is a UK-based vlogger, YouTuber, and Twitch streamer. However, Syndicate struggled during his early days. Cassell sold drinks at school to purchase a 42-inch TV when he was 15 years old.

Later, he worked at McDonald’s and spent his income on gaming equipment for YouTube videos. He started his online gaming career in 2010, posting commentaries and live videos of Call of Duty and Minecraft on YouTube.

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Also, according to The Richest, he was one of the online gaming celebrities of that year. Later, he became a Twitch streamer for popular video games like Call of Duty and Halo.

His YouTube channels gained 13 million subscribers, and his Twitch channel had three million followers and 76 million views. As a result, Cassell became one of the richest Twitch streamers, with a $6 million net worth.

10. Imane Anys (Pokimane) – $2.5 million

This is one of the richest Twitch streamers.

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Here is the only female Twitch streamer on this list. Imane Anys, or Pokimane, started streaming on the platform in 2013. She focused on playing games like Among Us, Minecraft, League of Legends, Fortnite, and Valorant.

However, Pokimane had commentary streams where she reacted to other people’s content. Anys also works with numerous companies. For example, she partnered with Spotify for a curated playlist called “Poki’s Picks.”

It featured 51 songs from genres like J-Pop, Hip-Hop, and Future Funk. She also dressed as the popular animated character “Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Girl” from the “chill beats” YouTube channel. Nowadays, Anys is one of the richest Twitch streamers, with a net worth of $2.5 million.


The rise of gaming enabled the people on this list to become the richest Twitch streamers. If you have a passion for gaming, you may follow their lead and become a content creator too.

They’ve proven you can become a millionaire with Twitch and other online platforms. However, you should consider the dedication, creativity, and luck you need to succeed.

Do you want to see what’s next for online gaming? Follow Inquirer Tech for the latest tips and trends regarding artificial intelligence, video games, gadgets, and more.

Frequently asked questions about the richest Twitch streamers

Who is the richest Twitch streamer?

Felix Kjellberg, or PewDiePie, is the richest Twitch streamer with a $40 million net worth. Ironically, he did not start streaming on Twitch. Instead, he became famous and wealthy by posting YouTube content for over a decade. Nowadays, Kjellberg earns from Twitch by posting a loop of his old YT content.

How do Twitch streamers become rich?

If you’ve every searched “Trainwrecks net worth” or “Kai Cenat net worth Twitch,” here are your answers. Twitch streamers earn money from bits, the digital points they receive from viewers convertible into fiat currency. Also, they charge money for subscriptions in exchange for fan-only content. Later, they partner with companies once they become popular.

How do you stream on Twitch?

If you’ve ever wanted to be like “Neon streamer” or “Aims streamer,” start by registering on Twitch. Then, decide what content you want to livestream based on your preferences and talents. Next, ensure you have the proper equipment, like a high-quality camera, microphone. and a ring light.

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How can I make money on Twitch?

Focus on becoming an entertaining Twitch streamer that offers unique content. Eventually, you will gain fans willing to pay for your streams. However, choose your content carefully, or you may become part of “Twitch controversy 2023.” Some folks, like the Chinese Little Kitty streamer, couldn’t handle the pressure and took her life on camera.

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