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How To Take A Screenshot on Chromebook

/ 10:55 AM April 12, 2021

Those who have recently started using a Chromebook must be learning many new things. One of those things is to learn how to take a screenshot on Chromebook. Intel core-powered laptops have their prowess, but many valuable features have been introduced in the market through premium Chromebooks. But screenshot is one of the essential features to keep information saved for numerous purposes.

Chromebook 101

Chromebook 101

Everybody knows how to take a screenshot in Windows and learn how to take a screenshot on a Chromebook without access to a keyboard? Let’s break down everything we are talking about:

    • A Chromebook is a newly designed computer, which has been specially developed to run faster and has a more accessible user interface.
    • The Chromebooks run on Chrome OS, the operating system has cloud storage, G Suite, best Google built-in, and multi-layer security.
    • They are affordable in comparison to laptops
    • They can run cross-platform Android device apps

Now, let’s get back to the topic and understand how we will be taking those screenshots.


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Taking A Screenshot on Chromebook

Taking A Screenshot on Chromebook

Several reasons lead to you taking a screenshot. This could be because you want to share something with someone and point out exactly where you’re having an issue or they are. Such as letting the customer support know the exact error message or letting your friend know where the next button is placed on the website or any other reason.

It doesn’t matter if it is an Acer Chromebook or a Google Chromebook. We understand a Chromebook may seem difficult when you make the switch from a different platform. But let us assure you, that is not the case. You have to understand how the keyboard shortcuts work, and you’re good to go.

Screen capture on Chromebooks can be taken in several ways.

1. The Entire Screen

This is similar to a print screen, where you can take a complete or portion of the screen to where the screenshots of the screen you have opened are on your laptop. The only thing you have to be cautious of before beginning the process is that you have the right screen open (It doesn’t matter if your Wi-Fi is on or off.). Otherwise, you would get the screenshot of the wrong net.


The shortcut to this is:

Ctrl Show Windows

You need to press these two buttons at the same time to screenshot the entire screen.

  • Look for the Ctrl button, which is placed on the lower left side of the keyboard.
  • The show windows key is on the top and equates to where the F5 button is placed on a windows keyboard. It looks like a small rectangle with two lines on the right.
  • Hold them both together, and your Chromebook will immediately take a screenshot.

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2. Partial Screenshot

2. Partial

You can choose the part of the screen you want to copy and avoid screenshotting the entire screen. This is very much similar in function to the snipping tool on Windows laptops. You can have multiple files open on your screen and still capture only a part without producing unwanted information. Try to avoid the tablet mode, however. This is perfect for focusing on the information you want to share and keep the irrelevant information away.

You can take a partial screenshot on Chromebook in the following manner:

Ctrl-Shift Show Windows Click and Drag

Too many keys… We know! Just make sure not to press the power button.
After pressing the three keys, you will drag the crosshair icon on your Chromebook screen to cover the area you want in the screenshot.

  • Find the shift and press the Ctrl buttons placed on the left corner right above each other.
  • The Show Windows button placed in the top row; can be recognized through its design of a small rectangle with two small lines on the right.
  • Once you press all three together, a crosshair icon will appear, which you can drag along the screen with the mouse.
  • The parts you’re selecting to screenshot will be highlighted
  • Once you’ve decided this is all you want, let go of the buttons
  • A pop-out window will appear, giving you options of saving or copying the shot as per your requirements.

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Where is the Screenshot in my Chromebook?

Where is the Screenshot in my Chromebook?

These two methods will allow you to take full screenshots as and when required. The next step is accessing the shot that you’ve taken and saved. Don’t worry, and the process is just as simple as learning how to take a screenshot on Chromebook. You will memorize the process in no time, and when you`ve taken them, finding them won’t is an issue once you`re down with the steps mentioned below.

Once you have figured out how to take a screenshot on Chromebook, you have to understand how you will find and use it. For this, the process is straightforward; look for your downloads folder.

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Every shot taken is saved in the Downloads folder by default, which can be accessed under the following process:

  • Open the Launcher on the left corner of your display screen
  • Look for the “Files app” icon right under the search field; if it is not there, press on the up arrow and look for it
  • The file manager will open; you will look for the Downloads folder here, which would be under the “My Files” category
  • Click open the Downloads folder, and all your screenshots will be visible there

From here, you can save or share it as you like. You can copy it, cut it, or even drag it to where you want on your Chromebook. They are perfect to be attached in emails or to be sent in messages.

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When you’re starting, it does seem like you’ve taken on more than you can handle. But learning how to take a screenshot on Chromebook is not as difficult as you thought it would be. Right?

You have to get the keys right, and that’s it. Chromebooks have been designed to make things easier for you, so remember, doing anything on them would be a simple and straightforward process once you get the hang of your new computer system.

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