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YouTube Alternatives: The 10 Must-Try Options

/ 10:25 AM June 29, 2023

You may have never considered YouTube alternatives, as you’ve probably gotten used to Google’s video-sharing platform. After all, why would you look for other sites like YouTube? It has dominated the industry for many years, so most videos you’ve been watching came from YT.

Nowadays, the internet has so many other sources of video content. There’s a good chance that you’ll find better videos from content creators you haven’t heard of before on different platforms. If not, you might miss out on new features or genres you haven’t tried.

This article will suggest alternatives similar to YouTube. We’ll also talk about why many people look for alternatives, and you’ll learn why many people probably stick to YouTube. That’s not bad, though, because you could benefit from this website using it correctly.


The 10 best YouTube alternatives

  1. DailyMotion: Overall best YouTube alternative
  2. Vimeo: Best YouTube alternative for artists
  3. TED: Great YouTube alternative for learners
  4. Twitch: Great YouTube alternative for gamers
  5. Vevo: Great YouTube alternative for music
  6. DTube: Secure video platform to upload videos
  7. Internet Archive: Explore the online world’s past
  8. Facebook Watch: Meta’s answer to the “YouTube alternative website” question
  9. Instagram: Social media YouTube alternative
  10. TikTok: Video hosting platform for short clips

1. DailyMotion: Overall Best YouTube Alternative

DailyMotion: Overall Best YouTube Alternative

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DailyMotion is the next best thing to YouTube because it’s the closest comparable video-sharing site. At the time of writing, the platform gets 112 million visits every month!


Its trending videos may surprise you because they include TV episodes and news reports. Consequently, DailyMotion might seem too similar to YouTube. You may think of it as YouTube, but it has more high-quality content. Also, content creators love it due to its powerful marketing and analytics tools.

This video-hosting website is great if you’re an aspiring artist or entrepreneur. The analytics tools can help you fully monetize videos to earn money from your passion. Businesspeople can use DailyMotion to share videos with specific demographics, improving their marketing campaigns. Even better, users enjoy free unlimited video uploads.


The DailyMotion user interface looks a bit cleaner than YouTube’s. Also, you can look for content using the search bar. Does this sound like YouTube yet?

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If you think so, you probably wonder why people aren’t using DailyMotion instead. It has a total upload limit of 4GB, except for pro users. This means you’ll miss out on high-quality videos from content creators who don’t want to pay for DailyMotion.

Nevertheless, it is YouTube’s biggest competitor at the time of writing.

2. Vimeo: Best Video Player for Artists and Businesses

Vimeo: Best Video Player for Artists and Businesses

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Here’s another site where you can share videos. Vimeo gives access to various tools perfect for artists because it provides features like these:

  • Vimeo lets you record your camera, PC screen, or both, so you can express yourself without anything getting lost in translation.
  • Also, you may change how the video player looks for your content. For example, you may keep or remove the play speed controls and the playbar. 
  • The video player also allows a wide range of formats, so you won’t have to worry about using the right video editor or format.
  • Vimeo can help freelance artists find work.

If you have a startup or small business, this could help you make top-notch materials for digital marketing. Here are some more features you could get:

  • Vimeo lets you make videos right on the platform by giving you templates. That way, you won’t have to get the latest tools or hire another person for the skills. 
  • Vimeo makes embedding videos on emails, blogs, and other online content easy.
  • You may add end screens that give links to your website, store, or social media.
  • It lets you keep the same link even after you’ve edited a video. This makes it easier for your clients to see the revised version.
  • The platform reports marketing metrics to see how well your content attracts more customers and sales.

On top of all this, Vimeo has a lot of content similar to YouTube, such as short films. However, creators must pay a monthly fee of at least $12.00 for the Starter plan. The Vimeo website lists the following features:

  • 60 monthly videos
  • Player embedding
  • Password protection
  • Screen recording
  • Basic templates for video creation
  • Video chaptering and search engine optimization
  • Engagement and social analytics

3. TED: Best Video Player for Learners

TED: Best Video Player for Learners

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If you’re more interested in learning something new, you might want to try TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) Talks. 

You probably have seen some of its videos on YouTube, such as in 2015, when Bill Gates warned about global action to prevent a future pandemic. Nowadays, that warning rings true as the world continues to rise after COVID. Also, you could watch other speeches from other experts.

If you can watch videos on YouTube, why go to the TED website? The TED Talks YouTube channel doesn’t have all its content. If you want the latest from this platform, you’ll have to head to its homepage. You will find worthwhile insights on that site, especially if you’re a student.

You might even find something to help with your online classes. Moreover, you gain additional features if you have the TED mobile app. TED uploads videos on the app first before putting them on YouTube. As a result, the mobile app offers early access to TED video content.

TED is one of the best YouTube alternatives because of its informative content. You can upload videos, but you can only do it on Google’s video-hosting platform.

The video-sharing platform also has strict guidelines. However, its content may not provide skills and certifications like online courses.

Remember that you cannot use TED to learn new things for your job. Nevertheless, it is a great place to watch videos from prominent figures in various fields.

4. Twitch: Best Video Player for Gamers

Twitch: Best Video Player for Gamers

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If you play video games like Fortnite or Apex Legends, you’ve likely heard of Twitch. After all, the online gaming scene is picking up steam nowadays, especially in Southeast Asia.

Take the recent 2021 Valorant Champions esports tournament as an example. Many Filipinos cheered as the PH Team Secret competed rigorously to reach the semifinals.

Those who watched live saw it on Twitch. That’s because it’s the place to be for that constant flow of top-notch live streams from your favorite gamers!

It features a lot of live streams of people playing various titles, such as League of Legends, Honkai: Star Rail, Valorant, and many others. Many other streamers casually play games if you want a chill time.

Some try to reach certain challenges within the game. Others play against each other. You can always see their latest content or view past livestreams.

Alternatively, you can record yourself playing your favorite games. Eventually, you can monetize your streams as more people watch and subscribe to your content.

If it seems impossible, many content creators became millionaires from streaming. For example, famous Twitch streamer xQc received a record-breaking $100 million contract for 

Similar to TED, Twitch caters to a specific interest, with streams focusing on video games. If you’re not fond of this entertainment form, some Twitch streamers also show their cooking prowess, create DIY projects, and anything under the sun.

Twitch also lacks advanced search features like filters, making it difficult to find specific videos. Despite its best efforts, users continue to share videos and live streams containing inappropriate material.

5. Vevo: Great YouTube Alternative for Music Videos

Vevo: Great YouTube Alternative for Music Videos

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Watch the latest trending videos from your favorite artists, and you may notice the Vevo watermark below. Its official website says it is the world’s leading music video network, and it offers proof:

  • 15 billion monthly views
  • 1.5 billion hours viewed monthly
  • 500,000+ music videos
  • 150 million+ daily global viewers
  • 35 million daily US viewers
  • 70 million Vevo CTV Viewers

It lets people watch prominent music artists on websites like YouTube and Apple TV. Vevo is a strange YouTube alternative website because its content is still on the Google platform.

The Vevo Originals webpage says the website features popular artists like Ariana Grande and The Weeknd. However, its links divert you to their YouTube music videos.

You may like this platform if you’re an advertiser. The website says 40% of Vevo’s total audience are connected TV (CTV) viewers. Also, 52% of Vevo’s viewers aged 18-49 do not subscribe to cable TV.

Vevo claims it is “unique in its ability to provide unparalleled scale against hard-to-reach audiences within a brand safe, culturally relevant environment.” In other words, Vevo can help your brand expand to more people.

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It partners with two prominent music labels like Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. You can share videos on Vevo but must do so through its content partners.

6. DTube: Secure Video Platform to Upload Videos

DTube: Secure Video Platform to Upload Videos

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DTube seems like a YouTube knockoff due to its similar layout and colors. Also, it works similarly to the Google platform, letting you browse content categories.

However, it sets itself apart using blockchain technology instead of a centralized server. Blockchains are decentralized computer networks that continue functioning if some servers break.

These computers or nodes operate independently from one another, offering greater privacy and security than conventional platforms. Also, the DTube help page explains it is a self-governed platform.

In other words, its user base chooses leaders who enforce rules. As a result, the platform is a more user-centric platform than YouTube.

DTube’s most unique feature is cryptocurrency monetization. Share videos on the platform, and they will show how many cryptos you earned instead of their views.

The website emphasizes, “You can claim your rewards whenever you want.” Consequently, you can immediately claim your cryptos to convert them into fiat money.

Believe it or not, DTube allows NSFW content. The help page recommends tagging your explicit videos “NSFW” before posting. Otherwise, users may flag your content, making earning rewards and gaining views harder.

On the one hand, free speech enthusiasts may like this website. On the other, DTube may not be suitable for younger audiences. Worse, you can only upload 1GB of videos.

7. Internet Archive: Explore the Online World’s Past

Internet Archive: Explore the Online World's Past

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You may think of smartphones and apps when the internet comes to mind. However, the internet has been around for decades. We may have lost much of its content to time if not for the Internet Archive.

This website dedicates itself to preserving the web’s old content, such as images, books, and videos. Hence, it is the best choice if you’re looking for obscure or rare videos.

The Internet Archive has robust features like advanced search filters. You may share content if you have a free account. Even better, you can download them for free.

It is one of the best YouTube alternatives for those who prefer old content. However, the Internet Archive may bore you if you want trending videos online. You are unlikely to find the most popular content creators on this website. Also, you cannot monetize your shared videos.

If you want to join an active online community, the Internet Archive is not for you. The forums do not have much activity.

8. Facebook Watch: Meta’s Answer to the YouTube Question

Facebook Watch: Meta’s Answer to the YouTube Question

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Statista says Facebook has roughly 2.98 billion monthly users. In contrast, YouTube has 868.4 million. Thanks to Facebook Watch, your videos can reach a larger worldwide audience.

Check the left-hand sidebar if you’ve never noticed this feature on your profile. Alternatively, tap the three-line icon on the mobile app.

Click or tap that feature to open the Facebook Watch feed. It will show clips from other people that match your interests. It may also show music videos and Facebook Watch original content. You can upload videos up to 10 GB, typically lasting four hours.

You can host and view live streams and watch parties. However, the platform can be difficult to navigate due to the lack of advanced search filters.

Interestingly enough, you can only monetize videos with online ads. In contrast, you can earn more money by gaining views and subscribers on YouTube.

9. Instagram: Social Media YouTube Alternative

Instagram: Social Media YouTube Alternative

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We already discussed one of Meta’s platforms, so why not cover the other? Aside from Facebook Watch, you can use Instagram as a Youtube alternative.

You may recognize that platform for posting vacation or food pics. However, you can also watch long and short videos called Reels. Like YouTube, you can watch videos on full-screen horizontally or vertically. Also, the app lets you conveniently record, edit, and post content.

You may share clips up to 3.6 GB, Reels up to 90 seconds long, and live stream for up to four hours. More importantly, you can monetize all your content.

Live Your Message says Instagram Videos on your feed are entirely random and unrelated. You may appreciate that if you don’t want algorithms controlling what you see online.

However, that may annoy most users who prefer personalized content. Also, many of the monetization programs are undergoing their testing phase.

10. TikTok: Video Hosting Platform for Short Clips

TikTok: Video Hosting Platform for Short Clips

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TikTok launched in September 2016 and quickly took the world by storm. It was one of the few platforms to gain 100 million users quickly.

In 2022, the platform gained more visitors than the Google search engine. Consequently, more companies consider TikTok marketing as a serious campaign strategy. Nowadays, it is one of the largest Youtube alternatives. It’s great if you prefer short-form content or follow online trends.

Small businesses use it to attract customers to their products and services. The best thing about TikTok is its comprehensive editing features. You can do a lot with your clips, such as visual effects and filters. Moreover, you can monetize clips and livestreams.

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TikTok is not for you if you find this generation’s content loud and obnoxious. Also, businesspeople should only promote on this platform if it matches their target audience and brand image.

Why Do People Look for YouTube Alternatives?

The Internet promotes creativity as it lets people make nearly everything imaginable. As they do so, they create better products and services than the previous ones.

Nothing is off-limits, even if YouTube is now the largest video site. People will try to make a better way of uploading video content online. As a result, we now have so many similar sites like the ones I showed you. Yet, you will stick to the original despite these other options.

Most people don’t just go to YouTube because it’s the biggest platform. We go there because we want to watch videos we like. It still has our favorite TV show’s latest music clips and trailers. 

What’s more, YouTube has a lot of features that similar sites don’t have, such as the following:

  • Short-form videos: TikTok is popular nowadays, so YouTube now lets users create similar content. You can clip videos that are less than a minute. Businesses use it as a simple marketing tool, just like social media.
  • 360° videos: Remember that you have to wear a VR headset when watching these videos. YouTube’s 360° videos make it seem like you’re in the clip. You could look around the video’s space as it plays. This might not be a good idea if you’re using a PC! If you’re using a smartphone, it will show you parts of that scene if you move around the screen.

Final Thoughts

If the alternatives in this list don’t suit you, you have other options. There are many more YouTube alternatives we haven’t covered here like Bitchute or Crackle. Just check the platform first before using it.

Look for reviews to see how people thought about the site. Also, read the “About Us” and “FAQs” pages to know how the site works. See if it has hidden fees or other issues.

Otherwise, you may run into a site full of viruses. Make sure the platform will handle your data securely as well. The only risk you should take is trying new content.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About YouTube Alternatives

Why should I try YouTube-like websites?

YouTube may lack content for specific niches so you may try an alternative video player. For example, you can watch TED Talks for informative seminars lasting 60 minutes or more. If you’re tired of funny videos, try live streaming at Twitch. Its content creators usually focus on specific video game titles, but others cover different subjects.

Are other video players similar to YouTube?

Most video posting websites uphold freedom of speech for their video makers. Also, you can watch them on multiple platforms like Amazon Fire TV and have reliable customer service. However, you should check the privacy policy before trying one to ensure your data is safe when live streaming.

Can I transfer YouTube content to other video websites?

You can usually transfer YouTube videos to other websites. For example, popular YouTuber PewDiePie ported his video game content into a Twitch live stream. Moreover, your video player may have limitations to what you can post, so check first before registering to them.

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