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This is the time to join a network that understands the way you use mobile

/ 12:00 PM December 23, 2021

Communication has been changed forever by mobile phones. Gone are the days when it was considered a luxury.  It is now a necessity and for students, teachers, parents, frontliners, employees, and everyone else, cellular phones are the today’s most imperative communication tool. The importance of mobile phones into our daily lives and lifestyle has never been more pronounced than now, underscoring the fact that it is more than just a mere communication device but is home to apps that help in aspects of business, education, health and wellness, entertainment, e-commerce, and gaming. People have shifted to mobile phones to learn, shop, eat, watch movies, listen to music, and conduct business, among other daily activities. The increasing progress of mobile technology, the accessibility to high-speed internet connectivity and the remarkable communicative interface and apps in these devices results into a whole level of new and innovative experience. It is imperative, therefore, to have a mobile network that perfectly adapts to the kind of lifestyle you have.

DITO Telecommunity Corporation (or simply DITO Telecommunity) which was launched only March this year, is already making significant achievements in providing reliable network connections for Filipinos.   In the October 2021 Mobile Network Experience Report for the Philippines—conducted by Opensignal, an independent global standard firm that analyzes consumer mobile experience—DITO Telecommunity ranked first on 4G availability, outperforming its counterpart networks only seven months after it was introduced to the market. This definitive guide, which analyzes consumer experience on wireless networks, used data collected from July 1 to September 28. 

The report further stated that Filipino users on DITO Telecommunity spent the most amount of time connected to 4G, an impressive 97.5%, and therefore the new operator is the winner of the 4G Availability award. “DITO Telecommunity has put an end to Smart’s three-report long streak as an outright winner and also stopped Smart from achieving a second clean sweep of our award table,” cited the report.

There has been an unprecedented surge in the use of social media and the digital space thus, Filipinos needs a steady mobile network that understands how mobile phones have evolved from a means to keep in touch with loved ones, to a daily life enabler.

Embracing your lifestyle

There are three prominent Filipino users of mobile phones: the gamer who is always immersed in his favorite mobile game; the work-from-home (WFH) employee who needs a reliable connectivity for the countless virtual meetings; and the sales representative who is always on call for clients who need presentations and updates. 

The gamer profile is young, analytical, spontaneous, aggressive, and expressive, and spends 8 to 10 hours in his mobile game of choice.  He’s always engrossed in interaction with a community of like-minded young adults who loves duels, destruction, thrills, powerful character, and equipment to be able to experiment and stay ahead. Like any mobile gamer, he enjoys using 4G network with his latest games.  The urban young professional, on the other hand, is still adjusting to this new WFH shift. She needs to be in front of her computer at a certain time in the morning to check and read her emails, report for work, take on new tasks for the day, attend a virtual meeting, furnish management with her accomplished task, and submit daily deadlines before logging out and calling it a day. Finally, if you are the go-getter sales representative who need your mobile to talk to clients, update them of a new condominium or car model, promos, set appointments for a go-see.  

Whether you are these three, or a simple parent who need to communicate with your family, a student who has to attend a virtual class, an event manager who needs to coordinate with the team, an online seller who need to market your business, or a customer who uses cashless transaction or mobile banking, among many others who are reliant of the online space, a dependable and strong connectivity like DITO Telecommunity is key.

The DITO Telecommunity edge

mobile DITO Telecommunity

Opensignal’s report further noted during their initial look at the mobile experience of DITO Telecommunity users in the Philippines, there was an initial advantage immediately post-launch as their download and upload speeds in Central Metro Cebu and Davao City fell slightly to the point where they were similar to the overall scores of all operators.  DITO Telecommunity users’ Download Speed Experience is either around or below the average across all the operators. DITO Telecommunity’s scores range from 9.4 Mbps to 20.4 Mbps. 

Compared with other giant networks, DITO Telecommunity has the advantage of launching with the newer 4G technology.  Even when this newest major telco is yet to launch its 5G services, DITO Telecommunity has revealed its plans to launch a home broadband service using 5G soon. It also plans to cement its stance, along with its counterparts, in terms of area coverage as it relentlessly expands to more areas in the country. DITO Telecommunity is currently available in almost 500 cities, achieving its projected covered areas for the last quarter of 2021. As it is, it currently covers more than 50% of the population based on the 2nd government technical audit conducted in July.

Furthermore, the Opensignal report also showed DITO Telecommunity placing second for Games Experience, Voice App Experience and Upload Speed Experience, the telco came in second when it came to download speed. As the network progresses over time, the speed, and Video Experience of DITO Telecommunity users will likely change as it will be accessible in more locations, and as grows its customer base. 

It is also worthy to not that Opensignal mentioned how initial DITO Telecommunity results are “impressive and bode well for the market’s long-term competitiveness,” given that DITO Telecommunity’s competitors have had far longer to roll out their 4G networks.  “We at DITO Telecommunity are pleased to hear about the findings from the Opensignal report,” said DITO Telecommunity’s Chief Technology Officer Rodolfo Santiago. “As a new player, we strive to provide the kind of service that is at par if not better than the more established industry players.  As we expand to reach more Filipinos across the country, we continue to invest in next-level technologies that allow us to provide world-class connectivity for our customers.” 


Given DITO Telecommunity’s impressive achievements based on the Opensignal report and the company’s continuous progress since its launch, now is the best time to try a fresh and bullish telco player’s services like DITO Telecommunity for if you are looking for a better network provider. 

The good news is, you may shift to DITO Telecommunity without changing your numbers through the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service, which was launched in the country on September 30 this year. Through MNP, Filipino mobile users could shift to DITO Telecommunity network without having to give up their existing phone numbers, for free! 

All three telecommunication giants came together and established the Telecommunications Connectivity Inc. to oversee the smooth implementation of the Republic Act 11202 (or the Mobile Number Portability Act). To be eligible, a subscriber must not have any pending portability request for the last 60 days and no unsettled obligation with their current network. Other criteria for eligibility include not having any existing court prohibition or pending transfer or ownership.

With regards to reliability, which Filipino mobile users are keen about, DITO Telecommunity has demonstrated its consistency and dependability on the onset, proving that now is the best time to port your number to DITO Telecommunity, and get the same high-speed data that its subscribers are enjoying. 

Qualified customers can apply either through the DITO Telecommunity App or at any of the DITO Telecommunity Experience Stores nationwide, by submitting a valid ID and the Unique Subscriber Code (USC) that will be issued by their current service provider.

Given all these advantages, there is no better time to switch to DITO Telecommunity than now so you, too, could experience a seamless mobile experience whatever your lifestyle is!

To know more and see the complete list of requirements, promos, entertainment, and customer support, visit or check out @DITOPhOfficial on social media. BrandRoom/JC

Initially published on December 23, 2021. Updated on October 22, 2023.
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