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Ps5 Digital vs Disc – Which One is Worth the Money?

/ 10:20 AM January 13, 2022

PlayStation 5 is possibly the best gift you could give any gamer but which one should you choose – PS5 digital vs disc? It’s still pretty rare to find, and because of the incredible demand surrounding it, there’s little information on which PlayStation to buy when you actually can buy one.

Since we don’t want to leave you hanging, here is a little guide to help you figure out which model of the PlayStation 5 is the right one for you.

The PlayStation 5 by Sony comes in two variations – the PS5 Digital vs Disc. Both versions are almost identical, according to Sony PlayStation. The differences between versions mainly lie with the design and whether or not there is a disk drive.


What is PS5 Digital?

What is PS5 Digital?

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The PS5 Digital Edition is the variation of the PS5 that is disc-less. You’d have to buy all your games only on internet channels with this console.


What is PS5 Disc?

What is PS5 Disc?

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The PS5 Disc is the variation of the PlayStation 5 that comes with a disc console.

Which is better?

Both versions of the PS5 have mouth-watering next-generation features that include almost instantaneous loading speed, graphical capabilities up to 8k, and advanced 3D audio.

So, what are the differences between Ps5 Digital vs Disc?


The PS5 Disc edition possesses a disc drive that stops the console from being perfectly symmetrical. The disk drive causes a bulge in the side of the console and a noticeable optical-drive slot. The Digital Edition is better than the Disc edition when it comes to design. The Digital Edition is sleeker but lacks a disk drive.

Blu-ray player

Perhaps the most obvious difference between both editions. The PS5 Disc is a disc-equipped console and therefore can play PS5-compatible physical copies of games. The disc console can also double as a Blu-ray player that supports 4k video.

The Digital Edition can only get games that have been gotten from the PlayStation Store or any other internet-connected channels. It acts as a digital-download central since it cannot support physical copies. This widens the scope of the PS5 Disc beyond games and into DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

Deciding which PlayStation is better is more of a matter of personal preference. Both have the same specifications, and except the discs, they both look the same and possess identical hardware inside.



When talking about the PS5 digital vs disc debate, the Digital Edition of the PS5 console costs $399.99 while the PS5 with a disc drive costs $499.99. The PlayStation 5 is one of the most sought-after game consoles, with a resale value almost going at twice the Amazon value.

Pros of PS5 Digital

Pros of PS5 Digital

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The PS5 Digital has numerous advantages and here are just a few:

  • It saves you space and stress by not needing physical copies: If you do not like clutter or see the need for physical copies, the Digital Edition saves you space and stress.
  • There are more games: You do not have to order a disc or walk into a store to buy a game. If you feel up to a game with this console, all you need to do is buy and download that game from your internet-supported channel.
  • The design is aesthetically pleasing: If you like seeing everything perfectly symmetrical, then this is the console for you.
  • Saves money: The PS5 Digital is cheaper than the disc version, and it helps if you’re worried about saving money.
  • If you possess the digital versions of games on the PS4, you will be able to transfer them to your PS5 Digital.

Cons of PS5 Digital

There are no advantages without disadvantages, and here are some disadvantages of the PS5 Digital:

  • Total reliance on the internet: If your internet connection isn’t strong or stable, getting a PS5 Digital is a bad investment as you wouldn’t enjoy playing time.
  • Limited old games: Some games aren’t available on the PlayStation Store, and if you’re into playing for nostalgia, having a digital PS5 would be a disservice.

Pros of PS5 Disc

Pros of PS5 Disc

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These are the advantages of the standard PS5 digital vs disc gaming console:

  • It’s not completely internet-reliant: Unlike the digital edition dependent on the internet, the standard PS5 gaming console does not need a strong and stable internet connection 24/7 to function.
  • You can afford to get collectors edition game packages if you’re vintage with an old soul and have an appreciation for games that feature audio soundtrack and behind-the-scenes footage of games. The PS5 Disc would allow you to enjoy these vintage collections to your heart’s content. If you prefer to have rows upon rows of games, this is the console.
  • The PS5 Disc console is a game console and a DVD and Blu-ray collection. If you’re in the mood to be old school and watch a couple of DVDs in your DVD collection, the standard PS5 is the one for you.
  • You could also buy games from the PlayStation store if you wanted to. Have both physical and digital games to play for your amusement.

Cons of PS5 Disc

The PS5 Disc isn’t appealing to look at if you’re a fan of symmetry and perfect proportions. Due to the disc drive, the console’s body is a bit pronounced.

  • More expensive: The standard PS5 Disc costs more than the digital edition.


Both PS5 digital vs disc variations for Playstation are fantastic and sell out incredibly. Choosing the best PS5 for you is a matter of decision you have to make, considering their specifications and the type of gamer you are.

The PS5 Digital Edition is for gamers ready to abandon most traditional gaming ways and move headfirst into a digital-only gaming landscape.

The PS5 Disc, however, is for gamers who are traditionalists at heart and who aren’t quite ready for the digital-only gaming landscape.

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