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What Changes Did Elon Musk Make To Twitter? [Updated]

10:30 AM October 31, 2022

Elon Musk took over Twitter, saying, “The bird is freed.” He now owns one of the most prominent social media companies worldwide. 

The question is, how will he manage the platform? His decisions will determine how millions of people around the globe communicate with each other. Eventually, it will shift the world around you. 

This article will discuss the expected Twitter changes after Elon Musk’s acquisition. These include his promises before buying the company and his immediate decisions.


Twitter will become a “shared digital town square.”

This represents Twitter changes.

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Elon Musk delayed his acquisition deal because he believed Twitter did not disclose the accurate number of fake accounts on the platform.


He also said that he was “overpaying” for the website. Yet, Musk continued the acquisition for its long-term value. The new CEO said it would allow civilization to have a “shared digital town square.”

Twitter has the potential to do so. Statista said the platform had 436 million users as of January 2022. Most of its users come from the United States, with roughly 76.9 million users.


The Philippines is in 11th place with 10.5 million users. What changes will Elon Musk make to Twitter? First, he would likely crack down on bots and fake accounts.

After all, it was the main reason he delayed the Twitter acquisition. He promised an Edit button for posts, but the platform implemented it before he became the boss. 

People could access the feature via a Blue monthly subscription. Moreover, he would show the Twitter algorithm to the public.

The algorithm is a set of rules that determine the types of content promoted by the platform. More importantly, he promised to reduce content moderation.

Fortunately, Musk assured people that it would not devolve into “a free-for-all hellscape, where anything can be said with no consequences.”

“Chief Twit” gets to work on day one.

We discussed the promises, but what changes will Elon Musk make to Twitter? As the new CEO, he changed his Twitter bio to “Chief Twit.”

Musk removed three previous executives: CEO Parag Agrawal, CFO Ned Segal, and policy head Vijaya Gadde. 

According to employees, Musk allegedly wanted the homepage to redirect logged-out users to the Explore page. Back then, Twitter showed a sign-up form to unregistered online visitors. 

They said Musk ordered that Twitter rename “Super Follows” into “Subscriptions.” Moreover, he was allegedly discussing using Starlink satellites to expand Twitter access.

Twitter might change the exclusive Blue monthly subscription. It costs $4.99 monthly and offers additional features like the Edit button. 

The Chief Twit plans to increase the price to $19.99. Also, he would give verified users 90 days to subscribe or lose their blue checkmark. 

Elon Musk will also fulfill his promise to eliminate spam accounts. He tweeted on October 31, 2022, “The whole verification process is being revamped right now.”

However, he might fire numerous employees soon. The Chief Twit instructed managers to perform employee reviews.

The new CEO wants to keep the workers who can provide his required speed and efficiency. On the other hand, he will remove employees who do not usually write code. 

He tweeted on May 7, “I strongly believe that all managers in a technical area must be technically excellent,”

“Managers in software must write great software, or it’s like being a cavalry captain who can’t ride a horse!”

Twitter charges $8 for blue checkmarks and slashes its workforce.

On November 5, 2022, Elon Musk confirmed a significant change in account verification. Twitter will charge $7.99 for blue ticks.

Blue checkmarks allow people to verify that accounts belong to their indicated owners. As a result, people could reach out to celebrities, politicians, and other important figures.

He announced the move on Tuesday. In response, users expressed concerns regarding his decision.

People thought charging a blue tick fee might encourage identity theft. For example, bad actors may pay for the checkmark and then use the names of famous personalities.

Musk reaffirmed his decision on Saturday but has not shared further details. At the time of writing, we do not know what would happen to accounts that already have checkmarks.

However, the Twitter CEO explained that his social network implements changes within a “couple [of] months.”

He also elaborated on how his company will handle identity theft. Musk said the social media network would “suspend the account attempting impersonation and keep the money.”

On Friday, Elon Musk tweeted that his social network lost over $4 million daily. Thus, he allegedly said it left him “no choice” but to remove more than half of his 7,500 employees.

The New York Times shared details from Twitter’s Slack channel. On Sunday, it allegedly said that “we’ve made the decision to move the launch of this release to November 9, after the election.”

The message refers to the upcoming US midterm elections. Business Insider requested Twitter to comment, but it has not responded at the time of writing.

Twitter counts tweet views and displays crypto and stock prices.

This represents Elon Musk changing Twitter.

Photo Credit: money.com

Elon Musk released two changes to Twitter on December 23, 2022. First, he allowed users to see how many people view their tweets. 

Back then, only the user could see the number of views. You had to click the “view Tweet” option to see the number of times people saw a specific tweet. 

The upgrade allows everyone to see the number of impressions. As a result, other people could measure how many people you influence on the platform. 

Note that it only works for tweets posted after December 15, 2022. Second, you may search stock and crypto prices on Twitter by entering the dollar sign followed by the corresponding ticker.

For example, you may check the recent closing price of Apple stock by typing “$AAPL” on Twitter. Also, you may look at the current Ethereum price by inputting “$ETH.”

It provides a graph of the price movements but lacks other information. Yet, you can click the “View on Robinhood” button below for more data.


According to Fortune, interest in Twitter professions has skyrocketed by more than 250% since Elon Musk took over. 

Answering “What changes will Elon Musk make to Twitter?” may help you get a job in the company. Some would love them, while others would respond by deleting their Twitter accounts.

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