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The ChatGPT Bug Bounty Program Could Earn You $20,000

11:19 AM April 12, 2023

ChatGPT is amazing people worldwide with its uncanny ability to generate various texts. However, it is not foolproof, and its creator company OpenAI knows. That is why it launched the ChatGPT Bug Bounty Program to encourage users to report bugs and errors. Even better, you can earn $20,000 from this ongoing event!

OpenAI specifies it will pay $20,000 for “exceptional discoveries” and $200 for “low-severity findings.” In other words, you can earn thousands of dollars if you find a significant problem with the AI chatbot. Even better, you can join the error-spotting program for free.

I will discuss how the ChatGPT Bug Bounty Program works. Later, I will cover the rules, so you can submit a valid report. That way, you can spend more time finding bugs and earn rewards sooner.


How do I join the ChatGPT Bug Bounty Program?

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OpenAI partnered with Bugcrowd, a leading bug bounty platform, to manage submissions and rewards. Consequently, you need a Bugcrowd account to join the ChatGPT Bug Bounty Program.


Registration works like any other online platform where you provide sensitive information. Then, read the guidelines to understand how to detect eligible errors. Also, you must comply with these rules:

  • You are authorized to perform testing in compliance with this policy.
  • Follow this policy and any other relevant agreements. In case of inconsistency, this policy takes precedence.
  • Promptly report discovered vulnerabilities.
  • Refrain from violating the privacy, disrupting systems, destroying data, or harming the user experience.
  • Use OpenAI’s Bugcrowd program for vulnerability-related communication.
  • Keep vulnerability details confidential until authorized for release by OpenAI’s security team, which aims to provide authorization within 90 days of report receipt.
  • Test only in-scope systems and respect out-of-scope systems.
  • Do not access, modify, or use data belonging to others, including confidential OpenAI data. If a vulnerability exposes such data, stop testing, submit a report immediately, and delete all copies of the information.
  • Interact only with your accounts unless authorized by OpenAI.

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Disclosure of vulnerabilities to OpenAI must be unconditional. Do not engage in extortion, threats, or other tactics to elicit a response under duress. OpenAI denies Safe Harbor for vulnerability disclosure conducted under such circumstances.

Depending on the severity, the BugCrowd OpenAI page will pay $200 to $6,500 per error. Also, it specifies a maximum reward of up to $20,000.

At the time of writing, the OpenAI Bug Bounty Program has rewarded 11 vulnerabilities. Also, its average payout for the last three months was $1,860.

Other ways you can make money from ChatGPT

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If you’re not keen on spotting problems with ChatGPT, you have other ways to earn a living with ChatGPT. For example, you can create a food blog.

You can ask the machine to produce recipes based on preferences. Afterward, you can rewrite them in your style to ensure it does not have grammatical errors.

Launch a blog website and publish those as its first articles. Then, attach online ads to generate online revenue. Also, you can use it to create digital art.

ChatGPT cannot produce images at the time of writing. However, it can produce prompts for AI text-to-image generators like Midjourney and DALL-E.

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Those prompts will help you produce the images you want faster than trying various commands. Then, you can put them on online auctions or turn them into non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

You can also become an online tutor with ChatGPT. You may ask the AI bot for answers if you struggle understanding a student’s homework.

It will provide concise explanations so that you can improve student learning. If you want to learn more about how to make money with ChatGPT, click here.


OpenAI launched a ChatGPT Bug Bounty to spot and fix errors with its AI bot quickly. Find a serious bug, and you might earn roughly $20,000!

More importantly, you will help OpenAI launch a more powerful version of its large language model. Experts call it GPT-5, and it will allegedly think like a human!

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Frequently asked questions about the ChatGPT Bug Bounty Program

How much money can you earn from the program?

The ChatGPT Bug Bounty Program pays a reward depending on the severity of a submitted bug. It will pay $200 to $600 for low-level ones and $20,000 for exceptional errors. Note that you must comply with the requirements. Also, finding bugs is not always easy, so you are unlikely to earn a consistent income.

Are bug bounty programs easy?

Your experience with the ChatGPT Bug Bounty Program depends on various factors. Some people may need help finding errors and to make money. Others will spot bugs a few hours after they participate. Remember that it requires patience to find errors and make money, similar to other jobs.

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Can you make a living with bug bounty programs?

Other companies and individuals launch bug bounty programs besides OpenAI. You can join multiple programs to increase your chances of earning money from spotting errors. Also, you could work as a quality assurance analyst at various companies to spot software bugs for a living.

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