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Man Asks ChatGPT To Name His Baby, And His Wife Gets Angry

02:36 PM April 12, 2023

A man from Hong Kong turned to ChatGPT to name his soon-to-be-born child. In response, his wife became angry, accusing the man he was lazy. Surprisingly, the exasperated pregnant woman asked the people on the internet, “Who is the daddy? Him or AI?” She posted an anonymous thread on the online forum DiscussHK.

She titled the discussion, “I asked my husband to help name our baby, but he asked AI.” South China Morning Post said she was upset because it was “meaningful and important” to name their child. Yet, her husband was letting a chatbot do it for him.

The post attracted numerous comments. Some said the man was merely keeping up with the times, so there is nothing wrong with ChatGPT baby names. On the contrary, others shared the lady’s sentiment, saying her husband was lazy.


Why did a father ask ChatGPT for baby names?

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The Hong Kong woman said her husband went to ChatGPT and asked for baby name suggestions. He allegedly asked:


“Can you help me find a Chinese name for my soon-to-be-born baby? He is a boy. I hope he will be intelligent, handsome, tall, and lucky.”

Then, the computer program suggested names with suggested great things for the child. For example, one of the ChatGPT baby names was “Zhiyu,” which means “wise universe.”

Another one was “Meifeng.” meaning “beautiful mountains.” However, the HK father was unsatisfied with these choices and asked, “Any other suggestions?”

ChatGPT provided traditional Chinese names, such as “Yongyi,” meaning “resolute and brave.” Also, it recommended “Mingli,” which means “understanding things.”

The anonymous poster’s husband felt the ChatGPT baby names “all sounded quite good.” Afterward, he asked his wife to choose from the recommendations.

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The wife did not like them and became upset. She said in the online forum that naming children is a momentous occasion. Yet, the father-to-be turned to AI.

She ranted about her husband being lazy. “It’s obvious he is too lazy to think! He doesn’t even care about naming his child!” she said.

In response, many people commented on the issue. Others supported the father’s decision, saying he was merely keeping up with modern technology. One said, “Actually, asking AI is like looking up a dictionary. Shouldn’t he be praised for keeping up with the times,” the person said.

However, others said he was neglecting his future child. A comment stated, “Naming a child is the first important thing after birth. What kind of parent is that if you are too lazy to do that?”

What are the real-world applications of ChatGPT?

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The “ChatGPT baby name” issue is one example of how artificial intelligence changes our lives. Yet, people have been using AI chatbots for numerous purposes.

For example, it can help you create captions for social media posts. You can adjust how ChatGPT phrases its messages to reflect your style and personality.

As a result, the AI chatbot is becoming a handy tool for online influencers. Moreover, social media managers use it to facilitate handling their company profiles.

Aside from baby names, ChatGPT can also suggest business ideas. One person named Jackson Greathouse Fall asked how to grow his $100.

ChatGPT provided tips, and Greathouse Fall used them to launch a Green Gadget Guru startup. As a result, he claims to have raised $1,378.84 in a day.

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The AI program can also assist you in landing a job. Some jobseekers use ChatGPT to improve their resumes and CVs by rewriting descriptions or reformatting the document.

Many people claim to have found jobs quicker with their ChatGPT-improved resumes. Then, you could ask the bot to check your new employment contract.

It can detect problematic clauses or identify conditions you want. As a result, users can avoid accepting unfavorable working conditions.


ChatGPT launched almost four months ago, yet it is quickly becoming part of daily life. As discussed, a father-to-be from Hong Kong asked for baby names.

Was the man lazy for relying on artificial intelligence to name his son? Or was he smart for delegating that task to an AI chatbot?

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