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ChatGPT Experience Is Now More Valuable Than A College Degree

02:57 AM April 14, 2023

A recent survey from the education consultation firm Intelligent suggests ChatGPT experience is more valuable for hiring managers. Specifically, the results indicate that 9 out of 10 employers want applicants who can use ChatGPT. It would seem AI literacy will become an essential skill for various fields, such as sales and real estate.

Eric Lee, the co-founder of, said, “ChatGPT experience can provide a more practical and hands-on understanding of the real estate industry.” Also, Life Grows Green founder Chad Price stated, “ChatGPT may very well be part of the future of sales and content creation.”

“This is why we require that candidates applying to sales have ChatGPT experience,” he added. This article will elaborate on the growing demand for ChatGPT experience in the workplace. More importantly, I will share a few ways you can adapt to the rise of AI.


Why do more employers want ChatGPT experience?

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Intelligent surveyed 1,000 hiring managers from various fields to see whether they require ChatGPT experience from applicants. Here are the company’s key findings:

  1. 98% of businesses hiring entry-level employees require ChatGPT experience
  2. 86% of hiring managers believe knowing how to use the AI chatbot can be more important than a college degree
  3. 93% of hiring managers say ChatGPT experience improves resumes from recent college graduates
  4. 94% recommend hiring college students to take courses related to the AI bot
  5. 91% say it will be more crucial for entry-level candidates to understand how to use ChatGPT next year

Career strategist Stacie Haller said, “Companies want to attract top talent and stay cutting edge in their industry.” She added, “They will want to hire candidates who have experience with the most current technology, such as ChatGPT.”

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“Candidates will also be attracted to working for companies with this mindset,” Haller stated. “… and may be able to hit the ground running without any or much company investment into training,” the expert added.

She also revealed the surprising decline in the importance of college degrees. “In positions where a college degree does not provide relevant skill training, we are seeing the importance of having a college degree decline.” She continued, “It’s quite possible that candidates without degrees may be just as or even more qualified.”

Alex Mastin, CEO and founder of coffee company Home Grounds, said, “For entry-level positions, we strongly prefer candidates who have experience working with ChatGPT and other AI technologies.” Mastin added, “Our chatbots and conversational AI tools are crucial for delivering personalized customer experiences.”

How do you learn ChatGPT?

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You may be wondering how you can learn ChatGPT after reading those trends. Nowadays, universities worldwide struggle to keep up with the rise of AI.

Only a few colleges offer courses in ChatGPT at the time of writing. Alternatively, you may try online courses from Udemy, Datacamp, and similar platforms.

Fortunately, you do not need to have a degree or certificate to prove your ChatGPT experience. As the hiring managers stated, people without these can still compete in the AI job market.

Even better, you can learn how to use ChatGPT via trial and error. The AI chatbot is simple to use because it can understand basic instructions.

It can produce any type of text you can imagine, from jokes to scientific journals. Also, its latest large language model, GPT-4, adds these functions:

  1. ChatGPT can see and understand photos.
  2. Also, the bot has different “personalities.”
  3. It improves the ChatGPT experience by making it harder to trick or “jailbreak.”
  4. Moreover, the chatbot has a longer memory.
  5. It supports 26 languages.

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ChatGPT became popular four months ago, so there are no clear-cut rules for succeeding with the tool. You must determine how you can apply it to your career based on your skills and experiences.

Fortunately, you can look at numerous individuals and companies innovating with ChatGPT. Click here to see the top business applications of ChatGPT.


ChatGPT experience is becoming more important than a college degree, according to a recent survey from Intelligent. Fortunately, everyone can use ChatGPT for free.

You can gain experience by testing its features and applications. Moreover, you can find numerous online guides and videos for the AI chatbot.

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