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MetaGPT Turns Your Ideas Into Apps With One Click

09:48 AM May 10, 2023

ChatGPT wowed the world by generating various texts that rival manmade quality. Eventually, generative AI branched out to other media like photos and videos. Now, prepare for the next step in artificial intelligence development with the rise of MetaGPT. It is an AI program that turns short descriptions into fully functional mobile apps!

That means AI will enable everyone to create smartphone applications. Consequently, it will significantly change app development and shift how the world uses these mobile programs. Also, MetaGPT may help beginners learn how to create apps so that they can begin their programming careers.

Soon, AI tools like MetaGPT will affect your digital experience, whether you’re interested in this technology. That is why you should read this article, which will expound on MetaGPT’s features and their potential impact.


How does MetaGPT work?

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OpenAI promised how AI could build apps when it launched its latest large language model, GPT-4. Yet, you cannot find that feature in ChatGPT at the time of writing.


That is why WhimsyWorks and other tech firms have been developing apps with that function. Eventually, it released the AI app generator, MetaGPT.

It is simple to use as ChatGPT. You type a request, and it will generate results. Unlike OpenAI’s program, WhimsyWork’s product can create mobile apps.

MetaGPT also lets you improve results by adding new prompts in multiple iterations to create a satisfactory result. Its simplicity enables everyone to create mobile applications, even if they lack technical know-how.

You may download MetaGPT free by heading to Then, click the “Get started for free” button to create an account and start.

The free plan lets you create an app with up to four iterations. On the other hand, you can pay $29 monthly or $240 annually for a subscription with unlimited iterations.

The MetaGPT host Pico allows users to use generated apps for commercial purposes. In other words, you can use its programs for your business.


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However, the AI company reminds users of their responsibilities. Pico says it reserves the right to use your code for any purpose. Moreover, it forbids people from replicating similar or competing services.

MetaGPT is impressive but not foolproof. Like ChatGPT, its results may sometimes contain errors and “hallucinate data.” The latter refers to the AI bot’s tendency to invent facts and cite them as true in its results.

More importantly, you should be careful using AI programs because some may violate your privacy. For example, Italy temporarily banned ChatGPT for allegedly mishandling user data.

Other generative AI developments

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MetaGPT is not the only generative Ai project in development. Within a few months, ChatGPT inspired many to use artificial intelligence uniquely. For example, Runway AI announced its Gen-2 video generator.

As the name suggests, it creates videos based on user prompts. The Runway video generator also offers numerous customization options. For example, you may submit a photo so that it will base its video on that sample.

Roblox is a popular metaverse sandbox game that lets players create digital worlds and have fun with others. In February 2023, it unveiled development plans for an AI game creator.

It allows people to create video games in Roblox with text prompts. For example, you may ask the bot to change the color of a car in your game.

The Roblox tool enables you to set controls via text commands. For example, ask it to honk the horn when you press the “B” button to enable that game feature.

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Of course, we cannot forget Google and its latest AI projects. In January 2023, the world’s most widely-used search engine unveiled MusicLM.

It is an AI tool that can create songs from text. Send simple queries or obscure descriptions, and MusicLM will try to generate a matching melody.

More importantly, Google says it will reveal more details about its artificial intelligence projects soon. On May 10, 2023 (PST), we can learn more by watching the Google I/O conference online.


MetaGPT opens new possibilities for artificial intelligence applications by creating apps from user prompts. Eventually, it will change how people create programs.

The current version is still in its infancy due to its numerous issues. Still, we would likely see its widespread adoption soon. After all, ChatGPT became a world-famous program after less than a year!

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Initially published on May 10, 2023. Updated on May 31, 2023
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