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How To Write Code With ChatGPT

12:01 AM May 10, 2023

ChatGPT can generate various texts, such as jokes and scientific journals, providing results as if it was a person. Yet, the AI tool is also the ultimate coding assistant. ChatGPT can help you write new code and improve existing ones. As a result, programmers can significantly improve their productivity while working.

It is important to adapt artificial intelligence as it becomes an integral part of daily life. ChatGPT inspired other generative AI tools in new and existing programs. Coding with this tool will help you compete with other IT professionals. Also, using chatbots will enable you to adjust your coding projects to fit changing norms.

This article will discuss how to code with ChatGPT. Specifically, I will cover how to write new code and optimize existing ones with this AI program. The best part is that you do not need specialized skills to implement it in your workflow.


Making new code with ChatGPT

This represents ChatGPT coding.

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OpenAI’s popular program is impressive but not foolproof. It can write new code but expect syntax errors and other issues. Like programming manually, your code undergoes numerous revisions before it becomes ready.


You can rely on the current version to write simple code with clear instructions. Alternatively, divide your complex project into more manageable chunks and ask ChatGPT for help by entering one of these prompts:

“Act as a [specific coding job]. Write code to [concisely describe the purpose of the code and what it should include].” Also, you can use this longer prompt for specialized tasks:


“Act as a [specific coding job]. You’re writing code for the following tech stack [list the technologies used]. Write [clearly state what you need to build and what each element should accomplish].”

Beginners may feel anxious about using ChatGPT for coding. Fortunately, the AI program can guide you through using AI for programming. Specifically, you can ask how your code works with the following prompt:

“What does this code do? [paste your code].”

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In response, the AI chatbot will provide a detailed explanation. It is comprehensive enough to enable you to create similar codes for future projects.

Afterward, you can ask ChatGPT to write documentation, helping other programmers understand your code. Ask this simple question to the AI bot:

“Write documentation for this code: [paste your code].”

How to fix codes with ChatGPT

This represents ChatGPT coding.

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The AI program can enhance your coding by listing what’s wrong with it. Consequently, you can take the necessary steps to improve your code. Use the following prompts:

“This is my code: [paste your code here]. How can I optimize it?”

“Generate an optimized version of this code: [paste your code here].”

ChatGPT can also detect problems with your code so that you do not need to check each line manually. Input the prompt below:

“This code isn’t working as I expected: [paste your code here]. How can I fix it?”

Wait a few minutes for the AI tool to spot logical errors and mistakes like misplaced brackets. Then, it will also explain the problem and suggest solutions.

Sometimes, the program may request additional context. In response, elaborate on the purpose and objectives of your code to it. Another way to debug with ChatGPT is to paste the error message on this prompt and share it:

“I’m getting the following error in my code: [paste the error]. How do I fix it?”

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Again, the AI tool may ask for more details to fulfill your request. One problem programmers face is putting too much text into their code. They can improve their project by shortening or replacing parts with simpler commands. Tell the following to ChatGPT:

“Simplify the following code as much as possible: [paste your code].”

That will improve your code’s structure and design without ruining its behavior or functionality. Lastly, you can translate your code to another programming language. For example, you can submit a Java code so the AI tool can convert it to Python. Use this prompt:

“Translate the following code from [original programming language] to [target programming language]: [paste your code].”


ChatGPT is a free AI text generator that helps programmers code easier and faster. Send your code, and the program will shorten, enhance, and debug it.

People feared artificial intelligence would take their jobs. Yet, it is a tool that can bring unprecedented productivity and efficiency to any workplace!

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Frequently asked questions about coding with ChatGPT

What language is ChatGPT coded in?

According to Botpress, OpenAI built ChatGPT using three core programming languages: Python, PyTorch, and TensorFlow. Also, it used other languages for additional frameworks, including, Gensim, NLTK, OpenNMT-py, and spaCy. The AI program also uses libraries like Wit.AI and Dialogflow to enhance features like text summarization and speech recognition.

How does ChatGPT code properly?

OpenAI trained its AI bot in numerous programming languages, allowing it to port code between them accurately. Moreover, it can port deprecated or legacy code to newer, more stable code in the same language. If you want better results, use GPT-4 by paying for ChatGPT Plus. Unlike the free version, it can handle long lines of code due to its larger memory.

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Will ChatGPT replace programmers?

The AI program cannot replace programmers but can automate numerous parts of the job. For example, it can generate code, fix bugs, and write documentation. The bot learned from massive amounts of data, enabling it to generate new code similar to another. However, it cannot replace the human creativity required to develop software.

Initially published on May 10, 2023. Updated on May 31, 2023.
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