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WWDC 2023: Apple Announces Vision Pro, iOS 17, And Other Products

11:25 AM June 06, 2023

Apple unveiled new products and services at its Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5, 2023. The WWDC 2023 announcements included the Apple Vision Pro, a mixed-reality headset that offers practical VR applications. Also, it shared significant upgrades to existing devices like the iPhone and Mac computers.

Technology companies have been competing relentlessly due to the rise of artificial intelligence. In response, Apple rose to the market’s challenge and released many innovations. However, we are the winners of this new tech race because we have new products and services to enjoy. See what Apple offers this year!

This article will cover all the hardware and software announcements from WWDC 2023. These include the new Apple Vision Pro, iOS 17, and numerous other apps. Whether you are an Apple fan or a tech enthusiast, stick around to learn more.


The featured products and services at WWDC 2023

  1. Vision Pro headset
  2. 15-inch MacBook Air
  3. MacPro
  4. Mac Studio
  5. Apple TV upgrades
  6. iPadOS 17
  7. macOS 14 Sonoma
  8. watchOS 10
  9. AirPod upgrades
  10. Other apps and upgrades

1. Vision Pro headset

Vision Pro headset with Apple logo.

Photo Credit: apple.com

Perhaps WWDC 2023’s biggest announcement is the Apple Vision Pro headset. Unlike other VR headgear, it focuses on practical VR applications instead of video games.


It lets you use virtual reality in a portable workspace. This gadget shows active apps like they’re floating around you. Then, connecting it to your Magic Trackpad and Keyboard lets you turn VR into a mobile office.

The Apple Vision Pro also transforms how FaceTime video calls work. Wear that device during a video conference, and it will represent you as a digital avatar called a Persona.


The Vision Pro immerses you in digital environments while maintaining real-world awareness. Its EyeSight technology will reveal nearby people while using the headset to help you respond accordingly. However, Apple will release this product in 2024.

2. 15-inch MacBook Air

15-inch MacBook Air with Apple logo.

Photo Credit: appleinsider.com

Apple calls its latest Macbook the “thinnest 15-inch laptop to date.” The 15-inch MacBook Air weighs 3.3 lbs despite its expansive screen. It uses last year’s M2 chip, likely due to supply chain shortages. Also, the newest MacBook Air houses an 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU.

You can also expand the memory and storage. The former has a maximum capacity of 24GB. Meanwhile, the latter can reach up to 2TB. Moreover, Apple promises this laptop offers 18 hours of battery life on a single charge.

You can preorder the 15-inch Macbook Air today and receive it next week. It costs $1,299, and Apple reduced the older 13-inch model’s price to $1,099.

3. MacPro

MacPro with Apple logo.

Photo Credit: pro-tools-expert.com

Despite Apple products getting smaller and thinner, WWDC 2023 announced a chunky hardware called MacPro. It is a desktop workstation similar to those in Windows PCs.

You connect it to peripheral devices like a mouse, keyboard, and speaker to have a computer more powerful than most laptops. The MacPro packs a 24-core CPU, a 76-core GPU, and Apple’s new M2 Ultra processor.

The latter has a massive RAM capacity of up to 192GB. Moreover, Apple says people can use it to train AI models. The MacPro also has eight Thunderbolt ports and six 4th-gen PCIe slots.

Despite looking like a giant cheese grater, the MacPro has a jaw-dropping price tag of $6,999. That does not include shipping fees, taxes, and the costs of adding new accessories.

4. Mac Studio

Mac Studio with Apple logo.

Photo Credit: engadget.com

You may have never heard of Mac Studio, Apple’s smaller desktop computer. Yet, the company announced an update for this obscure device, more powerful chipsets.

They look like Mac Minis but three times taller. The old models use the M1 Max and M1 Ultra chips. In contrast, the latest ones will have the M2 variants.

As a result, Apple claims it will perform 20% better than before. Get the M2 Ultra, and you can upgrade the RAM to 192GB. Also, the new Mac Studio has more video bandwidth.

That upgrade connects to 8K displays at a fast refresh rate. Moreover, you can link up to six Studio Display XDRs to one Mac Studio. The price starts at $1,999 and will come on June 13.

5. Apple TV upgrades

Apple TV with upgraded features.

Photo Credit: stuff.tv

The Apple TV is more than a Netflix streaming device. The recent WWDC 2023 upgrades will enable you to link its Continuity Camera on your iPad and iPhone.

As a result, you can turn these mobile devices into webcams. That is a great feature if you use your Apple TV for conference calls. Your iPad and iPhone can show you in better angles.

You can easily move them to focus on specific nearby objects. Also, the Continuity Camera lets you toggle Center Stage, Apple’s AI-tracking program.

It lets your camera follow your movements. As a result, you can hold a presentation at home that feels like a public speaking event. Also, Siri may help you find your missing Apple TV remote.

6. iPadOS 17

iPadOS 17 logo with iPad.

Photo Credit: 9to5mac.com

Apple regularly updates its products, but the iPad gained many significant ones from WWDC 2023. For example, the new firmware update will improve widgets and live interactions.

The iPad will also have a customizable home screen like the iPhone. Also, it gets new programs like the Health app, which lets users see electrocardiogram results and similar data on a large screen.

The Health app takes advantage of the tablet’s widescreen. It offers a dashboard that shows user health metrics, lab tests, prescriptions, and other vital data.

Apple said the app would focus on mental health by checking if users are experiencing depression and other psychological disorders. Then, it will notify users about the potential problem and recommend seeking professional help.

The Cupertino tech giant also improved the Live Collaboration feature for PDFs. Tablets with iPadOS 17 will identify PDF fields to help you fill them out quickly.

7. macOS 14 Sonoma

macOS 14 Sonoma logo with Mac computer.

Photo Credit: techcrunch.com

Apple named its latest desktop operating system after a California town, Sonoma. It adapts features from the iPhone and iPad, specifically widgets.

Users tend to fill their screens with numerous apps as they work. Eventually, their view becomes cluttered, slowing down their performance. The macOS 17 widgets are the new operating system’s way of streamlining your desktop.

They adapt to your usage to avoid obscuring your view. Also, the operating system’s overlay feature lets you cut out the speaker in teleconferencing.

Despite Apple’s focus on practical applications, the company added a game mode to the new operating system. It limits distractions while playing video games, such as Death Stranding.

8. watchOS 10

watchOS 10 logo with Apple Watch.

Photo Credit: 9to5mac.com

Apple has not released the latest operating system for Apple Watches, but it teased features in WWDC 2023. The most significant one is the inclusion of widgets.

App makers say they do not need a proprietary app for the Apple Watch. Instead, they can use widgets to convey information to wearers. Soon, you could control Apple Watch features with the Digital Crown only.

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Twist it to browse the weather, calendar, stocks, and other widget services. Back then, the Digital Crown only directed you to the home screen. Also, the core apps like World Clock will have significant upgrades soon.

9. AirPod upgrades

AirPods with upgraded features.

Photo Credit: huffpost.com

Apple’s earbuds will have new user experience updates. For example, the Adaptive Audio feature blends active noise cancellation mode and transparency mode on the go.

It uses machine learning to detect negligible noises, such as lawnmowers. Also, Adaptive Audio lets you hear important sounds, such as a friend’s voice talking to you.

If you have the 2nd-gen AirPods Pro, you can use Personalized Volume. It uses AI to predict your desired audio level. Apple says the feature will “understand environmental conditions and listening preferences over time to automatically fine-tune the media experience.”

You can quickly connect your AirPods to all your Apple devices. However, that feature is usually awkward to use. That is why Apple said it is developing a way to improve the automatic switching feature.

10. Other apps and upgrades

Apple ecosystem with various apps and upgrades.

Photo Credit: pcmag.com

WWDC 2023 also announced several new iPhone apps and features, so I listed them below. Learn about what you can do with your iPhone and iPad soon:

  • AirDrop: Bring two iPhones together, and they will ask their users if they want to share their phone numbers and email addresses. Also, the app works on Apple Watch and iPad.
  • Journal: The journaling app uses machine learning to create personalized suggestions for photos, music, and other preferences. It also lets developers add prompt suggestions from third-party app data.
  • Standby: You can use the app to display the time and your alarms at night. Also, Standby can turn your photos into a dynamic slideshow or an office calendar.

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Apple also improved the autocorrect feature with artificial intelligence. It will learn your most frequently used words to facilitate messaging. Also, you can order the voice assistant by saying “Siri” instead of “Hey, Siri.”


This year’s Worldwide Developers Conference showed several new apps and upgrades. As a result, Apple fans have a lot to look forward to in 2023.

WWDC 2023 shows that the tech race is heating up. Apple is releasing more new products and services to stay relevant during the rise of artificial intelligence.

You can also prepare for these significant changes by following Inquirer Tech. It is a great source of the latest tips and trends in AI, gadgets, apps, and more.

Frequently asked questions about the WWDC 2023

How long does WWDC 2023 last?

This year’s Worldwide Developers Conference lasts from June 5 to 9. Those who received tickets watched it yesterday at Apple Park on the show’s first day. Meanwhile, the rest of us can watch the show online on Apple’s official YouTube channel.

Can anyone go to WWDC?

As the name suggests, the Worldwide Developers Conference is an event for developers. Alternatively, you can watch it live if you are Swift Student Challenge winner. Otherwise, you cannot purchase tickets because WWDC 2023 is not open to the general public.

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How can I watch WWDC 2023?

You could watch this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference on the Apple Events website. Also, it is available on the Apple Developer and TV app that lets you use SharePlay with your friends. Alternatively, you may watch it on Apple’s official YouTube channel.

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