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Meta CEO says the company will integrate AI into its products

12:34 PM June 13, 2023

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg told his employees his company is going through an artificial intelligence race during a meeting on June 8, 2023. According to Axios, the tech firm will release a “range of technologies at various stages of development.” Yet, Zuckerberg considers it an expansion of his metaverse efforts instead of a replacement.

Regardless of what Meta’s leader says, his company is proof of the rapidly-expanding AI trend. More tech firms like Meta recognize its growing importance, so they must adopt it to their products and services immediately. If you haven’t kept up with this tech trend, reading Meta’s long-term goal may convince you.

The article will discuss Mark Zuckerberg’s new plans for artificial intelligence. Also, I will post the latest developments for Meta’s other products and platforms, such as the Meta Quest 3.


What were the Meta CEO’s AI announcements?


CNBC reported that Mark Zuckerberg met with employees in the Hacker Square pavilion at the company’s Menlo Park HQ. It was the first in-person event in the area after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The news outlet said a spokesperson confirmed Meta’s AI plans. Also, Zuckerberg told Axios, “In the last year, we’ve seen some really incredible breakthroughs – qualitative breakthroughs – on generative AI, and that gives us the opportunity to now go take that technology, push it forward, and build it into every single one of our products.”

He also revealed numerous changes to the company’s products and services. Here are the upcoming technologies reported by Axios and AI News:

  1. One feature will enable customers to modify photos using text prompts and share them in Instagram stories.
  2. Another will give AI agents different capabilities and personalities for assisting and entertaining customers.
  3. Moreover, the company will hold an internal hackathon in July focused on generative artificial intelligence.
  4. The Meta CEO also reiterated his commitment to publishing research and sharing AI innovations with open-source communities.

Zuckerberg also encouraged employees to use generative AI in the office. He provided a productivity assistant called Metamate to help them perform tasks and answer queries based on internal company data.

The company’s former name was Facebook before changing to Meta to suit its Metaverse ambitions. That concept combines virtual spaces with the real world.

Despite announcing new AI plans, Zuckerberg reaffirms his company’s commitment to the Metaverse dream. He explains AI is merely a way to pursue that goal.


AI News says these developments are an opportunity for Meta to solve its financial issues and identity crisis. Moreover, the outlet says investors criticized Meta for focusing too much on the Metaverse and not enough on AI.

What are Meta’s other changes?

Image showing Meta's CEO discussing the integration of AI into their products. This strategic move promises groundbreaking enhancements and propels Meta into the forefront of innovation.

Meta products and services have undergone several developments outside of artificial intelligence upgrades. For example, the company recently warned it would discontinue news content from California if the state passes its Journalism Preservation Act.

The new law would require social media websites to pay a “journalism usage fee” for allowing local news content. Lawmakers justified the JPA by claiming it helps the journalism sector stay afloat.

Yet, the company believes this new bill would only benefit “big, out-of-state media companies, under the guise of aiding California publishers.” Meta Policy Communications Director Andy Stone posted the company’s statement on Twitter.

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Instagram gained Twitter-like features last year by releasing the new Instagram Notes feature. However, it only allows up to 60 characters compared to the bird platform’s 280.

More importantly, the tech firm announced the latest version of its VR headset called the Meta Quest 3. Unlike most VR headgear, users may control it with bare hands instead of physical controllers.

It lets you play Quest 2’s games library with over 500 VR experiences. Also, the company slashed the previous VR accessory’s prices. As a result, Meta expands its virtual reality experiences to more users, showing its ongoing commitment to its Metaverse dream.


Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg told employees the company would compete against other firms for artificial intelligence supremacy. Yet, it will retain its original Metaverse goal.

Tech firms recognize the growing importance of artificial intelligence as it spreads into every facet of daily life. Your favorite apps could have new AI features already!

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