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Google Lens gains new AI features

07:04 AM June 16, 2023

Google’s vision-powered app gets new features that “make it easy to search what you see and explore the world around you.” For example, you can show the Google Lens app your homework for step-by-step assistance. Moreover, the AI-powered app lets you check yourself for skin conditions.

Google promised it would pursue more artificial intelligence projects during its recent I/O conference. The latest Google Lens upgrades prove its commitment to this new goal. Eventually, it will expand these AI upgrades to its other products and services.

Soon, these developments will change how the world uses the internet for online information. This article will elaborate on the latest Google Lens features. Later, I will discuss the company’s other artificial intelligence upgrades.


What are the new Google Lens features?


You can download and install the Google Lens app for free on the Play Store. Open it and point your camera at objects to use these new features:

  1. Point Lens at an interesting landmark or building you don’t recognize to learn more. The app will provide more information and suggest relevant websites. As a result, it becomes a nifty tourism assistant.
  2. Do you notice an odd rash on your skin? Point the Google Lens at it or submit a picture so it can match skin conditions similar to yours. Aside from rashes, the app can describe other things on your body, such as hair loss or a line on your nails.
  3. Let us say you’re in another country and need to read street signs to find a tourist spot. Use the Lens’ Translate filter or take a photo so the app can convert it into your preferred language.
  4. Google Lens also has a homework help filter that assists you in solving problems. For example, point at a math equation to get a solution. Moreover, it works in multiple languages.
  5. Did you find a cool pair of shoes or a snazzy backpack? Google Lens can help you find nearby stores that offer that product. Consequently, the app can help you shop for better deals. Also, Lens can help you find similar products to expand your choices.
  6. Maybe you tried a tasty, unique dish but can’t remember its name. Upload its photo to Lens and add “near me’ to your search to see nearby restaurants that offer that food.
  7. Google’s “The Keyword” page says it will enable its AI chatbot Bard and Lens app to work together.

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What are Google’s other AI projects?

Diverse representation of Google's AI projects, showcasing natural language processing, machine learning, computer vision, and innovative technology in action.

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Google announced numerous artificial intelligence projects at its I/O conference. Soon, it will launch a more important service than Google Lens: an AI-powered search engine!

Its internal documents reveal the company wants to overhaul its search website’s look completely. Specifically, it aims to deviate from its classic “ten blue links.”

Instead, it will use a more “visual, snackable, personal, and human” layout that appeals to younger users. Moreover, Google wants users to converse with its search engine.

It offers two ways to realize these features. First, Google could integrate Bard with its existing search program. It launched this feature in early 2023 to keep up with ChatGPT’s popularity.

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Unfortunately, it made disastrous factual mistakes in its launch trailer, costing the company $100 billion in stock value. On the other hand, Google may launch its other AI program called Project Magi.

The company claims it is a “far more personalized experience” than its existing service as it adapts to user needs. For example, Magi helps people complete transactions and book flights.

Google has other AI programs besides a new search engine and Lens app. For example, MusicLM can create music based on vague descriptions and random sounds.


Google Lens works as your virtual assistant by translating foreign languages, checking skin conditions, and offering other nifty features. You can download and install it for free on any Android device.

It is not available as a standalone app on iPhones and iPads at the time of writing. Instead, Apple users can use Lens by downloading the Google app and tapping its camera icon.

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Nevertheless, as AI innovations continue, Google will spur more online services to use artificial intelligence. Learn more about them by following Inquirer Tech.

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