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Nicki Minaj wants to delete the “whole internet” after viral AI deepfake video

10:19 AM July 11, 2023

Music artist Nicki Minaj was furious when she saw a deepfake video of her and Spiderman actor Tom Holland. It featured the celebrities as roommates in the parody show, “Deep Fake Neighbor Wars.” IMDB says it spoofs the “long-running New Zealand TV format “Neighbors At War.” Consequently, she tweeted, “I hope the whole internet gets deleted!”

ChatGPT ushered in a new era of generative artificial intelligence that brings new tech benefits and risks. Specifically, generative AI facilitates the creation of digitally-made spoof videos. Soon, these clips could worsen the spread of misinformation worldwide.

Thus, people should learn how to spot and avoid such videos. This article will elaborate on Nicki Minaj’s viral deepfake video. Then, I will explain deepfake content, its relation to generative AI, and its potential risks.


What was Nicki Minaj’s deepfake video?


On July 9, 2023, award-winning musician Nicki Minaj expressed shock after seeing a viral video using her face and voice. It depicted her and actor Tom Holland living in the same house.

Yahoo Entertainment says it is a TVX Network’s Fake Neighbor Wars clip. According to IMDB, it is a deepfake comedy spoof of the long-running New Zealand series, “Neighbors At War.”


The video showed the two in matching tropical print outfits speaking with an unseen narrator. They explained how their neighbor, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, was lying lazily on their couch.

Then, it cuts to a montage of Zuckerberg carrying groceries in a silly manner. Afterward, the video shows Minaj and Holland wearing pink tracksuits.

The Spiderman actor told the narrator he never even said hello to the Meta CEO. Yet, they saw him sprawled on their sofa. Next, it cuts to the Super Bass singer reenacting Zuckerberg’s position as Holland tries to wake him.

Minaj added the Meta CEO muttered as he slowly exited their humble abode. Lastly, the last few seconds teased the next episode by showing Zuckerberg wearing a robe in front of Nicki Minaj’s home.

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In response, the highly-acclaimed rapper exclaimed on Twitter, “HELP!!! What in the AI shapeshifting cloning conspiracy theory is this?!?!! I hope the whole internet gets deleted!!!”

According to Yahoo Entertainment, a fan asked Minaj about the legality of the clip. In response, the Queens-based artist said, “I do not know! But as Queen of the British Monarchy & the Commonwealth, I hereby abolish the Internet. Effective @ 0900 military time tomorrow morning, 10 July, 20 hundred & 23, BON VOYAGE B***H.”

Later, Minaj teased another collaboration with fellow musician Drake. Meanwhile, Drizzy mentioned the female rapper during his “It’s All A Blur” tour in Detroit.

Why are AI deepfakes dangerous?

This represents how AI deepfakes work.

Photo Credit:

Deepfake videos and photos refer to content that uses the likeness of various people without consent. For example, the Nicki Minaj video is a deepfake because it seems the Queens rapper didn’t approve of appearing in the video.

Some deepfakes can be entertaining, but most are more nefarious. According to NPR, people have been inserting unwitting women’s faces into porn deepfakes.

Digital influence company Thumos said generative AI will exacerbate its risks. Generative artificial intelligence uses machine learning to create text, images, videos, and other content from scratch.

Submit a short description; generative AI tools like ChatGPT can give you a research paper or thesis. Text-to-image generators like Midjourney can create aesthetically-pleasing images in seconds.

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Nowadays, several free AI tools enable everyone to create videos about any subject without video editing experience. As a result, more folks could create deepfakes of anyone.

For example, the New York Post reported a disturbingly-realistic deepfake debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Thumos recommended creating technologies that can detect AI-generated content.

More importantly, the UK-based firm said online literacy is the best way to beat online fakes. The public must get their information from reliable sources and verify them with critical thinking.


Nicki Minaj wants to delete the “whole internet” after seeing her viral deepfake with Tom Holland. At the time of writing, the celebrities in the circulating video have not shared further statements.

Despite looking like Hollywood gossip, it emphasizes the growing threat of online misinformation. In response, people must get their information from trustworthy sources.

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