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Google Gemini replaces Bard, releases Advanced version

/ 09:43 AM February 12, 2024

Google has been developing artificial intelligence tools in response to the rise of ChatGPT. It promised to put AI into its products and services. Consequently, AI will appear in everyone’s devices as nearly every Android and Apple user relies on Google. The search engine company recently announced it replaced its Bard chatbot with Gemini.

Gemini was its most advanced large language model, but Bard was its public-facing AI program. However, Google says it replaced Bard with Gemini due to the latter’s major upgrades. Soon, this chatbot might dethrone ChatGPT as the world’s favorite AI chatbot. More importantly, its Advanced version will be part of the Google Workspace tools like Docs and Slides.

Google Gemini will transform how everyone uses their computers and smartphones, so we should understand how it works. I will explain its initial features to distinguish it from Bard.


What can Google Gemini do?

Unleash the power of AI with Google Gemini! From writing emails to generating code, discover its wide range of capabilities.
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I reported on Gemini and Bard last year. In my past Gemini report, I shared Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis’ explanation of the former.


He said it is a “next-generation foundation model” that was “created from the ground up to be a multimodal, highly efficient AI tool and API integrations and built to enable future innovations, like memory and planning.” 

It mimics how human short-term and long-term memories work. Let’s compare it to someone trying to shoot a basketball. People learn how to drop it into a hoop with repetition accurately.

Eventually, you realize that previous footwork and stances don’t work, so you adjust until you land more shots. Similarly, Google Gemini records past actions and observations in its long-term memory.

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Then, it selects the most optimal instances to guide short-term tasks like writing a poem. However, The Information says this chatbot can do more than generate text.

It will create images, too, letting it provide contextual images. Moreover, Android Authority stated the finished product could “analyze charts, create graphics with text descriptions, and control software with text or voice commands.”


Google is reportedly training it on YouTube video transcripts so that the bot can provide advice based on video content. Also, the company may integrate Google Gemini into existing services like Google Docs and Bard.

What is Google Gemini Advanced?

Comparison chart highlighting differences between Standard and Advanced versions of Google Gemini.
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The world-famous search engine company announced the launch of Gemini Advanced. It gives everyone access to Ultra 1.0, its largest and most powerful AI model.

Its latest press release said it is “far more capable at highly complex tasks like coding, logical reasoning, following nuanced instructions, and collaborating on creative projects.”

The Advanced version can hold longer conversations while understanding the context from previous prompts more clearly. Here are some of the tasks it can perform:

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  • Google Gemini can be your tutor by creating step-by-step instructions, sample quizzes, or back-and-forth discussions tailored to your learning style.
  • It can be your coding brainstorm buddy. Gemini can evaluate your ideas and analyze different coding approaches. 
  • Also, the AI program can provide fresh content ideas, study recent trends, and formulate improved ways to grow their audiences. 

Google Gemini works like ChatGPT, meaning you enter text commands to gain results. Surprisingly, some sites like Lifehacker see it as competition for ChatGPT Plus.

Google Gemini vs. Bard

Side-by-side image of Google Gemini and Bard logos with comparison text.
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ChatGPT is only a year old, but it caused many AI programs to emerge. Unsurprisingly, most people struggle to follow these apps and their features.

Let’s differentiate between Bard and Gemini by comparing them to ChatGPT. Contrary to popular belief, ChatGPT is not OpenAI’s artificial intelligence. It is merely a tool that opens access to OpenAI’s large language model.

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LLMs perform the data analyses and formulation that ChatGPT produces. Similarly, Bard only opens access to Google’s AI applications. 

Gemini is Google’s latest, and to simplify user experience, it replaced Bard with Gemini. That means Google’s artificial intelligence and its interface has the same name. 

How do you access Google Gemini?

Screenshot showing how to activate Google Gemini on a mobile device.
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You may open Gemini on your web browser at The interface is similar to ChatGPT, complete with the bottom text box for prompts.

The AI bot is also available on Android and iOS. If you have the former, download the Gemini app from the Google Play Store.

Alternatively, open Google Assistant by hitting the power button, swiping your screen’s corner, or saying “Hey, Google,” depending on your phone model. In response, your phone will open Gemini access and provide contextual help.

If you’re an Apple user, wait until Google rolls out access to Gemini via the Google app. Once it’s out,  tap the Gemini toggle to chat with the AI application.

Google launched mobile access to Gemini in the US in English on February 8, 2024. Soon, the company will provide it in other regions. 

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Do you want to try Gemini Advanced? It’s available in the Google One AI Premium Plan for free for two months. Afterward, it costs $19.99 monthly. 

The PH webpage says Filipinos can enjoy the same two-month free trial and then pay ₱1,100.00 for the succeeding months. Also, Google One provides 2TB of storage and will integrate Gemini into Gmail, Docs, and other workspace applications soon.

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