WATCH: iPhone ringtone sung by bird when owner leaves house

Image: Screengrab from Vimeo/Ben Pluimer

Some birds like parrots and mynas are known for mimicking sounds they hear from their surroundings. One cockatiel memorized the iPhone ringtone and would sing it every time his owners left the house.

A video of the cockatiel named Lucky had been uploaded by Vimeo user Ben Pluimer. He said Lucky belongs to his friend. Lucky would usually start singing once its owners would begin tying up their shoes to go out.

Lucky’s version of the iPhone ringtone appears to be quite accurate compared to the original, but just a pitch higher.

The bird may have picked up on its owners’ behavior of running to their iPhones when it starts making noise. By mimicking the device’s sound, Lucky managed to find another way of calling over its owners.

On the other hand, things may get a little confusing in the house from time to time. JB


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