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AutoGPT: How To Make AI Do Everything For You

12:10 AM April 17, 2023

ChatGPT amazed everyone by writing anything based on simple commands in seconds. However, it often needed follow-up prompts to perform complicated tasks. Now, AI breaks ground again with the launch of AutoGPT. It uses GPT-4 to “chain together LLM ‘thoughts,’ to autonomously achieve whatever goal you set.”

For example, Varun Mayya, the CEO of the community platform Scenes, said AutoGPT created an app for him. “AutoGPT was trying to create an app for me, recognized I don’t have Node, googled how to install Node, found a Stack Overflow article with a link, downloaded it, extracted it, and then spawned the server for me,” he said.

“My contribution? I watched,” he said. As a result, many aspiring entrepreneurs or “hustle bros” are excited about its potential. Let us discuss AutoGPT’s features and how to use them so you can be on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence!


How to use AutoGPT

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Anyone can use AutoGPT for free, but you need programming experience to understand how to use it. After all, it requires Python 3.8 and APIs from OpenAI and Pinecone.

  1. Head to for an OpenAI API.
  2. Then, go to to create a Pinecone account.
  3. Choose your subscription plan. Pick the Starter if you want to try it for free.
  4. Afterward, choose the default project in the left sidebar to search for your API key and region.
  5. Click the Code button to access your AutoGPT ZIP file. Alternatively, access it via the Git program.
  6. Next, clone your repository and launch a command-line tool like PowerShell.
  7. Type “git clone”
  8. Then, type “cd ‘Auto-GPT” into PowerShell to acquire the working directory for your project.
  9. Execute “pip install -r requirements.txt” into a terminal to get the required dependencies.
  10. Lastly, replace the placeholder text in the .env.template file using your OpenAI API key and save the file as .env.

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Fortunately, AgentGPT helps you use AutoGPT without technical know-how. Note that programming experience will help you fix and improve your project:

  1. Start by signing up for an AgentGPT account.
  2. Define its name, role, and goals.
  3. Then, provide at least five objectives it should meet to fulfill those goals.
  4. Confirm the settings, and AgentGPT will create a new chatbot.
  5. Afterward, train your chatbot by providing questions and answers related to the objectives. AgentGPT will use those to train the chatbot to understand natural language and provide appropriate responses.
  6. You may deploy it on your website using AgentGPT’s APIs once it finishes training.

What is AutoGPT?

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AutoGPT is an open-source application created by developer Toran Bruce Richards. He is also the founder of the video game company Significant Gravitas.

That is why the code hosting platform GitHub lists it under that name. Moreover, AutoGPT uses GPT-4, the latest large language model that runs the popular AI bot ChatGPT.

Nowadays, ChatGPT can produce various texts and analyze images. However, it often needs follow-up prompts to perform complicated tasks.

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On the other hand, AutoGPT takes GPT-4 to the next level by determining what it needs to perform complex tasks. In other words, it can generate ideas and suggestions based on human input.

As a result, it can self-prompt, requiring minimal human interaction. The program achieves this feat with the following elements:

  1. Its large language model, GPT-4, allows it to “think.”
  2. AutoGPT’s programming enables autonomous iteration. In other words, it lets the chatbot learn from its mistakes and learn from them.
  3. The app has integrated vector databases to store information and improve decision-making.
  4. AutoGPT’s multifunctionality allows the app to browse the internet, retrieve information, store it, and edit it.

Why are people excited about Auto-GPT?

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Auto-GPT lets people automate jobs like affiliate marketing, copywriting, and designing websites. As mentioned, it created a functioning website for Varun Mayya.

More importantly, it might make AI agents a reality. These computer programs perceive their surroundings, decide, and act to achieve specific goals.

They operate and interact with humans autonomously. Consequently, it opens possible applications like customer service, gaming, and personal assistants.

I discussed a similar technology tested by Stanford and Google called generative agents. They integrated video game characters with ChatGPT.

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They act according to a short description to emulate personalities and goals. Nowadays, many people claim AutoGPT will supercharge human productivity.

Imagine AutoGPT functioning like an AI employee. It can take over company roles if an employer struggles to find someone for them.

Even better, motivated business leaders or “hustle bros” believe it can run businesses for them. As a result, the AI bot could become a source of passive income.


AutoGPT can perform complicated tasks without follow-up prompts. As a result, users could automate numerous tasks that required manual work.

Note that AutoGPT describes itself as an experimental open-source application. It is free but prone to numerous issues like hallucinating data.

Artificial intelligence continues to improve. Fortunately, Inquirer Tech helps you keep up with the latest trends, such as AI, virtual reality, and more.

Frequently asked questions about AutoGPT

Can you use AutoGPT for free?

You can use AutoGPT for free, but you need programming experience to understand how to use it. AgentGPT helps non-techies create chatbots with AutoGPT, but that skill will help you repair and improve your project. Fortunately, you can learn Python from numerous free online sources.

What are AI projects similar to AutoGPT?

Google and Stanford experimented with AI generative agents with the video game Heroku. It uses ChatGPT to provide characters with personalities based on a short description. Also, ChaosGPT tweets how it would hypothetically ruin the world by following its user directive to “destroy humanity.”

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What are the risks of AutoGPT?

AutoGPT is an experimental program with glitches and bugs that can harm your computer. Worse, we do not know every potential problem it can cause because the technology is a few months old. People call it the “AI black box” problem.

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