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ChatGPT Can Create Unique Drink Recipes

11:13 AM April 19, 2023

ChatGPT can do your homework, suggest business ideas, and make your resume. Believe it or not, a writer from The Atlantic discovered the AI bot is a surprisingly good barista. The AI bot can produce novel recipes based on existing ones. Caroline Mimbs Nyce mixed the recommendations and found they were refreshing.

People have been applying ChatGPT to several industries, such as the beverage industry. Consequently, it changes various aspects of our lives, like how we enjoy our favorite drinks. We must explore how artificial intelligence is shifting such parts of daily life. That way, we can use the technology to our advantage to thrive and prosper.

This article will discuss a ChatGPT drink experiment that involved AI making cocktails. Also, I will discuss other AI tests related to foods and beverages. Later, you might be creating new drinks based on ChatGPT’s suggestions.


How did the writer experiment with ChatGPT drinks?

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The ChatGPT drink experiment started with the AI bot’s failure. The Atlantic Caroline Mimbs Nyce felt frustrated when it failed to provide her desired grocery list for two weeks.


She vented to her colleague, Derek Thompson, who has written about OpenAI’s chatbot and its potential. Thompson said he’s been using it “in almost the reverse way.”

He has been asking ChatGPT to provide cocktail recipes based on ingredients in his pantry. In response, Nyce tried her friend’s advice. The AI bot surprised her with a mocktail with seltzer and jalapeño.


She realized the bot was poor at gathering and organizing information from random website links. However, it was suitable for experimenting with existing ingredients. In other words, the writer concluded ChatGPT was adept at creative synthesis.

It makes associations between words and pairs them in “familiar and novel ways to delight the user.” Understanding this function could provide better ways of deploying generative AI.

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Computer scientist Stephen Wolfram had another explanation. He said ChatGPT’s model had some sort of built-in randomness or “voodoo.”

Often, it provides results based on existing trends and patterns. Sometimes, it would suggest associations that deviate from the norm.

For example, it would answer the word “pours” if you ask to complete the idiom, “When it rains, it….” Yet, it may answer synonyms like “drizzles” or “storms.”

Another expert named Daniel Rockmore shared his insights about ChatGPT’s functions. “It’s actually not in the business of doing something exactly,” the computer science professor at Dartmouth College said.

“It’s really in the business of doing something that’s super likely,” Rockmore added. In other words, ChatGPT works when there’s no one right way to perform a task.

Are ChatGPT drinks perfect?

This represents ChatGPT drinks.

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Rockmore used Nyce’s ChatGPT drink experiment as an example. “You can get a [expletive] cocktail, but you kind of can’t get a wrong cocktail,” the professor stated.

A cocktail is a mix of various ingredients with an alcohol base. ChatGPT can produce numerous combinations of that formula but cannot guarantee they taste good.

A beer garden in Houston, Texas, hosted an event called “Humans vs. Machines” that seemingly tested Rockmore’s theory. Axelrad pitted ChatGPT recipes against those made by human mixologists.

The bar asked ChatGPT to design a cocktail inspired by the “Legend Of Zelda” video game. Meanwhile, Axelrad asked a bartender to do the same.

Bar patrons tasted their drinks and ranked them. Surprisingly, the results were tied! Moreover, ChatGPT’s rendition of Axelrad’s signature Blackberry Bramble Jam beat the original.

However, the AI bot can produce poor-tasting concoctions too. Lui Fernandes said ChatGPT’s recipes are “actually very, very good,” but he would sometimes “spit out some crazy recipes.”

That is why Fernandes had to adjust them. Also, Caroline Mimbs Nyce’s editor toyed with ChatGPT with a list of awful ingredients: Aperol, half a beer, gin, and a sack of frozen peas.

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In response, the bot recommended a “Beer-Gin Spritz” with a garnish of frozen peas for a “fun and unexpected touch.” ChatGPT knows cocktails can have vegetables.

However, the bot couldn’t comprehend why peas wouldn’t work in an alcoholic beverage. It had “creativity,” but it only works with existing ideas.

Giorgio Franceschelli, a Ph.D. student in computer science and engineering at the University of Bologna, said it could not achieve transformational creativity. It was the type of ingenuity “where ideas currently inconceivable are actually made true.”


ChatGPT can suggest new ways to create drinks, but it is not foolproof. Sometimes, it may recommend recipes that are objectively unpalatable.

Regardless, companies have been applying artificial intelligence to their products and services. For example, the Japanese beverage firm Sapporo has been developing an AI program to create unique drinks.

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Initially published on April 19, 2023. Updated on June 13, 2023.
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