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Moonwalkers shoes reinvent walking with AI

12:02 AM June 22, 2023

Artificial intelligence is transforming several parts of daily life, especially those you wouldn’t expect. Using AI systems, moonwalkers enable you to walk 2.5 times faster without extra effort. As a result, this pair of techie shoes shift how people walk, which has remained consistent for millions of years!

Technology is advancing faster than ever, letting us perform tasks we never thought possible. Moonwalkers footwear is a great example of such unique technological applications. It received overwhelmingly positive feedback from its Kickstarter backers, so we would likely see more people use them.

You may need to learn how to use them once that happens, so start early by reading this article. It will discuss how these AI-powered shoes work and how to use them. Also, I will explain why Shift Robotics created this device.


How do Moonwalkers work?

Its website claims these AI-powered heelies are the “world’s fastest shoes.” They contain AI systems and engines that allow users to walk faster without exerting more effort.


You strap them on your regular shoes for a secure fit. The Shift Robotics website says they fit “over a variety of shoes.” Then, start using them by activating their Shift and Lock Modes.

Shift Mode lets you boost your walking speed by 2.5x. Meanwhile, the Lock Mode stops the wheels so you can walk normally. Also, this setting lets you ascend and descend stairs safely.

According to WIRED’s YouTube video, you activate these Modes by moving your feet. Activate Shift Mode by raising your right heel, twisting it towards you, and putting them down. The lights under your AI shoes should glow green.

On the other hand, turn on Lock Mode by raising your heel and putting them down. The LED indicators should glow white. Believe it or not, this pair of fancy footwear works on all surfaces.

You can safely traverse potholes, mud, gravel, and pavement while its electrical components are active. Moreover, you can walk through wet terrain because Moonwalkers are IP54 water resistant.

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Its AI sensors adjust to your walk pattern so you can intuitively control your speed. Slow down like you’re walking; the sensors will decrease your speed.

They will pump the brakes when you need to automatically. The official Shift Moonwalkers website says its top speed is 7.0 mph or roughly 11.27 kph.

These digital shoes also allow fast charging via any USB-C charger. In other words, you can replenish its batteries using your phone’s USB-C cable and adapter. The website says it fully recharges after 90 minutes.

What are the Moonwalkers’ pros and cons?

WIRED correspondent Brent Rose shared the positives and negatives of this pair of AI footwear. He raved about how they are easy to use. As the marketing promised, you can use these shoes like regular ones.

Rose also felt delighted the shoes were safe. He did not feel like they would “shoot out from under me” at any time. Also, the brakes reportedly have reliable stopping power, letting you halt your pace immediately.

The WIRED video host also liked how you can charge the shoes with any USB-C charger. Moreover, you can easily carry them wherever you go if they run out of batteries.

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You may take them off, put them in your bag, and recharge them at home. However, Rose said the straps must be more comfortable because they felt constrictive, especially when wearing thin shoes.

Moonwalkers weigh 4.2 lbs and may feel heavy when using them in Lock Mode. Each of your feet should be able to lift that weight when walking on stairs.

Lastly, the hefty price tag would likely discourage most people from buying these AI-powered shoes. At the time of writing, each pair costs $1,399!


Moonwalkers are AI-powered shoes that let you walk 2.5 times faster without exerting more effort. You can use them without knowing how to ride skates and walk on any terrain.

The Shift Robotics page says these AI shoes cost $1,399 per pair. Also, you must place a refundable deposit of $50 to secure your order on the website.

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