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Apple Watch saves woman from a lethal blood clot

09:46 AM June 22, 2023

A Cincinnati woman thanks her Apple Watch for saving her from a serious blood clot. According to the Local12 news station, the 29-year-old woman slept after feeling unwell. Suddenly, her Apple Watch woke her up because her heart rate significantly spiked. Later, she went to the doctors, who said she had a fatal blood clot.

This story is a great example of technology saving people’s lives. We often hear doom and gloom about gadgets and apps taking over our lives. Consequently, it is refreshing to see devices maintain and protect our health. Perhaps you would like to try a smartwatch after reading more about this issue!

This article will elaborate on how an Apple Watch notified a woman of her previously unknown health condition. Then, I will cover other instances when this smartwatch saved other people.


How did the Apple Watch help in an emergency?


Ohio woman Kimmie Watkins felt dizzy, so she napped for a while. Later, she abruptly woke up after her smartwatch alarmed because her heart rate reached 178 beats per minute.

It was part of the Apple Watch’s health tracking features, not a phone call or text message. “I’m very lucky and that, if my nap hadn’t ended, that my partner would have found me, maybe asleep on the couch, not actually sleeping instead of what did happen,” she said.

She told Local12 News she felt “lightheaded, winded, and dizzy.” In response, the Cincinnati lady thought she wasn’t eating enough. After all, she said she didn’t have cardiovascular issues back then.

“I was asleep for about an hour and a half before my watch woke me up with this alarm that said that my heart rate had been too high for too long,” Watkins said. “So for over 10 minutes, it was too high.”

She went to the doctors and discovered she had a saddle pulmonary embolism. Dr. Richard Becker, a cardiologist at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Medicine, explained this sickness to Local12.

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Dr. Becker said those with a saddle PE have a 50% chance of survival. Moreover, a heart rate of 178 beats per minute is similar to an athlete at peak performance.

Healthline states that saddle pulmonary embolism occurs “when a large blood clot gets stuck in the main pulmonary artery.” Also, the doctor elaborated, “A saddle pulmonary embolism is the most severe and life-threatening of all, because it’s a blood clot that saddles both the blood vessel to the right lung and to the left lung.”

Dr. Becker says consumer heart rate monitors are similar to those in hospitals. Hence, he said, “Part of me sees wearables as part of that movement of health.”

Other times an Apple Watch saved lives

This shows the Apple Watch's fitness tracking feature.

Kimmie Watkins wears her smartwatch with pride following the incident. She hopes others will feel inspired to use an Apple Watch and similar technologies for their health.

Watkins discovered her condition thanks to her Apple Watch. However, this device saved other people in their hour of need. Let us briefly cover some of their stories:

  • KETV7 reported on a 92-year-old farmer saved by his smartwatch. In June 2020, he fell 20 feet over the ground from a ladder. Fortunately, the Apple Watch’s Fall Detection feature activated and called emergency services to rescue him.
  • Kimmie Watkins wasn’t the first person Apple Watch saved from a blood clot. In February 2021, Keith Simpson’s smartwatch informed him his heart rate had dropped below normal. In response, he went to the doctor and found seven blood clots. WRDW said Simpson was so grateful he messaged then-alive CEO Tim Cook.
  • CBS News reported on William Rogers, who fell through a patch of ice while skating. He tried pulling himself out of the water, but the ice kept breaking. Fortunately, his smartwatch was water-resistant so that he could call emergency services.
  • Another CBS story covered Kim Durkee, a 67-year-old woman who bought an Apple Watch to count her steps. She happily used it as a fitness tracker for two years before it notified her of an irregular heartbeat, possibly due to atrial fibrillation. In response, she got a checkup, found a heart tumor, and removed it via surgery.
  • In September 2019, Daily Mail reported about Chris Mint, a fitness enthusiast saved by an Apple Watch. He consulted a doctor and found he had two leaking heart valves. Thanks to the device, Mint got treatment before his condition worsened.

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The Apple Watch saved a Cincinnati woman’s life by notifying her of a spiking heart rate. Also, the device helped others detect dangerous conditions and call emergency services.

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These stories prove that smartwatches can be a nifty health and fitness tool. However, you should still consult your doctor to confirm their health readings.

This article does not provide medical advice. You may read more about the Apple Watch’s health features in this other article. Also, learn more about digital trends at inquirer Tech.

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