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How to test the Google AI article summary feature

09:45 AM August 16, 2023

Google recently launched its AI-powered article summary feature on Search Labs. Consequently, its subscribers can test this upcoming upgrade to the world-famous search engine. This update shortens long articles so that users save time looking for information. Soon, it will significantly transform the search engine.

We can choose many search engines, but Google remains the king. Most people rely on it to research deep topics, get the latest news, and promote their products and services. Understanding this upgrade enables you to get the most out of your online experience. Contrary to popular belief, it is a welcome addition for SEO specialists.

This article will discuss how the Google AI article summary feature works. Then, I will discuss what it means for most users and online businesses.


How can I try the Google AI article summary feature?

This represents the new Google AI article summary feature.

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You need to have a Google Search Labs registration before trying this experimental AI feature. Follow these steps to sign up using your computer:

  1. Open your Chrome browser.
  2. Next, sign in to your Google account and turn off Incognito mode.
  3. Click the New Tab button.
  4. Then, click the Labs icon, represented by a beaker.
  5. Select the Get Started button. Otherwise, click the Join Waitlist button and wait for your email notification.

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If you prefer a mobile experience, you can register with your Android and iOS devices. They share steps similar to the PC instructions, except you open the Google app instead of Chrome:

  1. Open your Google app.
  2. Next, sign in to your Google account.
  3. Tap the Labs icon.
  4. Select the Get Started button. Otherwise, click the Join Waitlist button and wait for your email notification.

You’ll notice a list of experimental features on Search Labs. Select the SGE while Browsing option, click the I agree button, and select the Try an Example button.

How do Google AI article summaries work?

This represents the new Google AI article summary feature.

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The world-famous search engine company has been teasing this AI feature since April 2023. It compiles information from numerous articles to provide quick online search results.

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For example, you searched “What is Bitcoin?” The Google AI article summary will appear on top of the first-page search results. It will share the basics, such as who created it and how it works.


The summary highlights complicated terms so that you can learn more about them. For example, it might emphasize the word “Satoshi Nakamoto.” Hover over it, and a pop-up window will briefly describe him as the enigmatic Bitcoin founder.

The highlighted words link to third-party websites explaining them, and you can check the top search results below the AI-generated summary.

Does this upgrade mean SEO is obsolete?

This represents search engine optimization (SEO).

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Most online businesses depend on search engine optimization so that more people can learn more about their products and services. They published numerous articles and other online content so that people could see them when looking for specific things.

For example, an electric vehicle company would want to be on top of search results pages for “electric cars.” It can achieve that goal by posting articles related to EVs that link to their brand.

Companies gain organic traffic as more people discover them via Google. However, many worried Google AI article summaries could make SEO useless.

They wondered, “If people can get what they need on the AI summary, why would they click on other websites?” Prominent SEO expert Neil Patel says Google will not let that happen.

He says the company makes a staggering $32.78 billion in revenue from network site ads. In other words, it makes money from companies paying it to promote them on search results.

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If Google diverts traffic from its clients, its stock price and revenue will drop. Consequently, this tech firm designed AI article summaries to improve user experience.

It will still help businesses gain online customers. Even better, Patel believes the new feature will make ranking long-tail phrases or keywords with multiple terms easier.

That’s great news if you want to promote specific aspects of a topic or business. It could help you launch a new product or service or have more readers for niche topics.


Google recently launched AI-powered article summaries to provide information to users immediately. They can read brief descriptions instead of going through numerous blogs.

It is also great news for search engine optimization, enabling experts to rank for long-tail keywords. As a result, small businesses have a better chance of gaining online customers with their content.

The new AI feature is only available in Search Labs, but Google will soon implement it in its live service. Learn more about the latest digital tips and trends at Inquirer Tech.

Frequently asked questions about Google AI

What are the latest Google AI upgrades?

Google recently released AI-powered article summaries, which compile the top search results into brief descriptions. As a result, users can get information immediately, and SEO experts can rank easier for long-tail keywords. Moreover, the Google Lens app gains AI-enabled features like identifying skin conditions by taking photos.

What are the upcoming Google AI features?

The search engine company is developing an AI tool for journalists. It takes over mundane tasks like creating headlines so that they can focus on delivering timely stories. Also, Google is working with record labels to monetize AI songs. As a result, anyone using an artist’s voice must pay that creator.

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Is Google AI open to the public?

Google AI is available to everyone with a Search Labs registration. Fortunately, you can get one for free by logging into your Google account via PC, Android, and iOS. Alternatively, you can wait for the search engine company to release these features. After all, it plans on implementing them on the online search platform.

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